Hey guys,

today I want to write about how I plan and organize my life.
No matter if you use a bullet journal, an agenda or a digital planner, there are so many ways to organize your life. In this article, I want to present to you how I use these things to plan my life.


I don't have a bullet journal or something like that, because I'm not the most creative person in that way. However, I like personalized agendas. But I'm a little particular when it comes to buying an agenda. So I'm very glad, that I found a website, where you can create a calendar the way you want it.
First I have a monthly overview at the beginning of every month. There I note all my deadlines for important assignments, exams, my appointments, I'm looking forward, or my holidays.

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Then I have a weekly planner so that I can keep a good overview of what is going on that week. I write down all my courses and my meetings coordinated by colors. Under every day I have a separate part for my to-do-lists. At the bottom of every page, I can write down goals for the week, like working out three times a week or drinking 2l of water every day.

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In another notebook, I plan out the assignments I have to do step by step. So I can check every step to accomplish my tasks. Furthermore, I note my goals for a season or investments I need to save money for.

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Well, I don't use my calendar on my phone that much. I'm a super old school in that way. I like to write things on paper. But in case I need to remind something or recurrent dates, I write them in the reminder app on my phone, so that I won't miss them.

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So that's for today. I hope you found it helpfully! Please send me a postcard with your ways to plan and organize your life.

Yours Someya