been sad quite a lot lately. thought, might as well make a playlist to sulk.

i have this playlist posted on my spotify, which is linked on my profile. there's other playlists as well. different moods, genres, u get it. i'll also link my spotify at the very end, because I'ma cool like that.
[ song title / artist ]

— forevermore / the maine
- i've given up on you / real friends
— till we're gone / makeout
- jamie all over / mayday parade ( i KNOW, but how could i not include it? )
— jacked up / weezer
- new house / rex orange county
— i feel it all over / the maine
- just fine / spookyghostboy
— slip the noose / the maine
- taxi / the maine
— sunny december / bombadil

u should go follow me. i'm continuously adding to this, and all my other rad playlists soOoOoO
spotify url (copy & paste into the application's search bar): spotify:user:m7jmc98g74mq1lbh5nrexfn6p

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