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Does your character have pets? If yes, describe them.

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Kailani has a jet black horse named Lady Iris. She actually used to really like rabbits, because she thought that they're really cute and fluffy like a cotton candy (which she also really really liked when she was a kid). Her first pet was a small white rabbit. She named him Winter. But he died not long after. After that her father bought her a rabbit again, and it died again, and it went on and on like that for some times until Kailani felt too apologetic to the rabbits. And so, she stopped her father for buying another one, because she didn't want to sacrifice another bunny's life. This traumatized her so much that she'll probably never have a rabbit as a pet anymore, no matter how much she loves it.

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Feeling sorry for Kailani's grief over all of her dead bunnies, her father gives her Lady Iris as her 9th birthday present. Kailani was in tears for 4 hours straight because she was so happy and touched. Kailani always thinks that the jet black color suits Lady Iris so much, she looks so elegant and handsome (yes, she thought Lady Iris was a male at first, she almost named her Romeo). Kailani really likes to go for a ride with Lady Iris while admiring the Valois' garden and lakeview, but apparently it isn't always the case for Lady Iris. She also likes Kailani, but sometimes she's just being lazy, and it annoys Kailani every time. Even though she's lazy, Lady Iris can run pretty fast.

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