Hi everyone!!

I saw this two amazing articles and decided to give this a go myself!

Store front

aesthetic, background, and theme image coffee, shop, and theme image theme, aesthetic, and psd image autumn, fall, and city image
Very classical french, cozy and only occasional chairs outside when the weather is nice, solid and basic colors


chic, style, and travel image flowers and places image
Extremely comfortable chairs and a "cultural" area where you can rent or buy books, art, etc..


cafe, coffee, and white image food image
Minimal menu written on the walls, has seasons specials


Temporarily removed coffee, food, and chocolate image chic, clothes, and coffee image aesthetic, cafe, and cake image food, bread, and cheese image food image
Would be known for our awesome roasts, typical french food and body fuels


coffee, coffee shop, and latte art image Temporarily removed book, vintage, and reading image book and interior image
Books everywhere, the kind of place you would love to be doing your homework


coffee, book, and aesthetic image art, cafe, and chic image coffee, food, and new image book, writing, and aesthetic image
Writers, would love to be the "modern La Paix", your typical trying-too-hard-to-be parisian girl, college students

Thanks so much for reading!