PrettyGirlz by Willow

music, willow smith, and album image
I want a girl who's got a light
That makes me squint when I look in her eyes
She doesn't give a fuck when emotions run amuck
She's alright, she's alright

dead girl in the pool. by girl in red

artist, gay, and indie image
This is the morning after
The house is such a disaster
But there's someone outside
That caught my eye

Prophet by King Princess

king princess and pretty image
You know what you want
It's only 'bout the money and control
Can't step off it, someone else will cop it
Like it's gold, you're a prophet
Someone's gonna profit
Don't you know I just want it

Pieces of Us (feat. King Princess) by Mark Ronson

Funk, Hot, and mark image
All of my love
Swing and a miss every time that we talk
And now all I got is pieces of us
Oh, how my luck goes down when we talk
And now all I got is pieces of us

I Wish by Hayley Kiyoko

aesthetic, artsy, and back of head image
You don't care it's a storm in my iris cuz you lied
You don’t mind that it’s raining oceans from my eyes
We butt heads, cause you’re paying him attention
And you're selfish with your affection