Name: Miles Ace Giovanny
Birthday: May 3
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Occupation: Model
Nickname: Ace


tumblr instagram, icon icons, and site model models image jin, bts, and seokjin image tattoo, rose, and flowers image Tattoos, korean, and kpop image
Curly hair, large hoodies, 2 tattoos


dance, quotes, and enjoy image wallpaper, amine, and rappeurs image indigo, poem, and poetry image aesthetic, book, and photography image
Dancing, rapping, writing poetry, reading

Favorite Things

bae, Afro, and beards image black boys, black men, and brownskin image gold, aesthetic, and chains image boys image
Afros, rings, gold chains, durags


sarcasm image her, him, and quotes image
Sarcastic, hopeless romantic, creative, weird, & funny

What I Would Spend My Money On

Image by Pleasing TT Eye chocolate, cake, and food image black, men, and models image beauty, cosmetics, and curls image
Bread & chocolate, skincare, natural hair products

Best Friends

braids, golden hour, and salem mitchell image korean, model, and nigerian image zendaya, beauty, and celebrity image boys, nike, and black boys image
Salem Mitchell, Han Hyunmin, Zendaya, Demetrius Harmon

Fashion Style

fashion, yellow, and boy image chain, fashion, and rad image black, icons, and jewellery image shoes, Fila, and black image

Instagram Page

Ig name: @aceofspades

black boy and corahn image smile image boy image bakery, cafe, and cake image
A lot of photoshoot pics, selfies, and food

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