Inspired by


(A) age

quotes, young, and old image balloons, eighteen, and party image
I'm 18.

(B) best feature

aesthetic, eye, and alternative image details, flowers, and inspiration image
my eyes and waist

(C) color

aesthetic, girl, and fashion image aesthetic, peach, and grunge image
light pink and peach

(D) dating

alone, simpsons, and sad image homer, simpsons, and tv image
no one

(E) everyday starts with

Image removed quotes and text image
checking my phone.

(F) favourite movie

anime, boy, and couple image girl, profile, and couple icon image
your name

(G) goal

2019, quotes, and love image quotes, happy, and words image
learning to accept myself the way I am and being happy.

(H) height

Temporarily removed grunge, aesthetic, and tumblr image
I am 5'6.

(I) in love with

billie eilish image aesthetic, album, and bad boy image

(J) job of my dreams

journalist, magazine, and journalism image college, journalism, and study image

(K) kids

Image removed baby, beach, and cute image
not sure if I ever want any but if so, then maximally two.

(L) last thing I ate

girl, maggie lindemann, and tumblr image food, full house, and funny image
spaghetti with cheese sauce.

(M) magical power

alice, gold, and inspiration image Temporarily removed
stop time

(N) nationality

architecture, beautiful, and building image germany image

(O) one favourite song

daniel caesar, daniel, and music image chill, best part, and love image
best part by daniel caesar ft. H.E.R

(P) passion

rose, blackpink, and kpop image aesthetic, aesthetics, and beige image
singing & writing

(Q) question I'm asked

Image removed shy, quotes, and white image
"why are you so shy?" though not as often anymore. but like... I never understood this question. I mean it's not like I choose to be shy but rather that I just can't help it.

(R) reason to smile

cat and cute image animals, brown eyes, and cat image
my cats uwu

(S) secret crush

bts and park jimin image bts and park jimin image
jimin of bts is my not so secret crush heh.

(T) tv shows

stranger things, eleven, and millie bobby brown image cast, Korean Drama, and kdrama image
stranger things & my first first love (kdrama).

(U) underwater animals

Image removed 2000s, aesthetic, and mermaid image

(V) vacation destination

london, Big Ben, and city image thai, thailand, and street food image
london or thailand

(W) worst habit

face, girl, and sleep image Mature image
I overthink too much. I literally overthink every single thing to the maximum. It's not even healthy at this point.

(X) x-rays I've had

and, black, and black & white image heels, shoes, and bones image
teeth and ankle

(Y) your favourite drink

white, water, and aesthetic image Image removed
I nearly only ever drink water.

(Z) zodiac sign

aesthetic, water, and theme image quotes, dance, and soul image


I hope you liked it and that you have a great day ahead of you. bye! :)