hello everyone! ♡࿐


here are 10 questions for you to answer about billie eilish, if you use these questions in a article remember to tag me so i can see your answers :)

  • how did you first discover billie eilish?
  • how long have you been a fan of billie?
  • what is one thing about billie you love?
  • what song by billie do you relate to most & why?
  • do you own any billie merch if so what, if not what do you want?
  • which album of billie's is your favourite?
  • what do you think is billie's most underrated song?
  • what song by billie do you not like that much?
  • do you own a billie fanpage?
  • have you ever met billie or went to her concert?

thats all, who should i do next? msg me. ♡

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