so, i have realized i love just reflecting on myself on this website. sooner or later We Heart It will be a literal encyclopedia about my life and my feeling. which is normal, right? anywho, i saw @ohmyaes do this so i thought it would be fun to try it too. here is her article:

anyways, i hope you enjoy :)



blackpink image Mature image beautiful, fashion, and outfits image story, quotes, and side image
ambivert, too positive and happy all the time, open book, ravenclaw, different w/ different people


fashion, outfit, and style image hair, girl, and art image reformation image dress, spring summer, and daisy daisies image
its all about the aesthetic and not ab the budget #'brokeoffclothes


aesthetic, album, and cd image Image removed music image rm, bts, and honne image
just chill bops pretty much


Image removed everything sucks and quotes image Image removed the umbrella academy and netflix image girlboss and britt robertson image
favs: society, gg, everything sucks, that 70s show, umbrella academy, girlboss


book and read image amazing, realistic, and books image book, reading, and swirl image books, mystery, and one of us is lying image
top 4 fav (in order): one of us is lying, we were liars, talbilb series, this is where it ends


deliverance, films, and maisie williams image Image by m Inspiring Image on We Heart It best friend, movie, and online image
then came you, secret garden, the edge of seventeen, face 2 face


book image books, diary, and journaling image flag, blue, and fade image Temporarily removed
dance, creative writing, reading, law, colorguard, art, math, theater


thank you sm for reading my article and i hope you enjoyed it. make sure to go check out my other articles and the writing challenge im currently doing. so, ya. ok, have a nice morning/day/night!!

xoxo, siennamadison (losteyess)