Teacher: 선생닌 [seon-saeng-nim]
Student: 학생 [hak-saeng]
Lawyer: 변호사 [byeon-ho-sa]
Doctor: 의사 [ui-sa]
Secretary: 비서 [bi-seo]
Priest: 제관 [je-gwan]
Cashier: 출납원 [chool-nam-won]
Driver: 운전사 [oon-jeon-sa]
Police officer: 경찰관 [gyeong-chal-gwan]
Soldier: 병사 [byeong-sa]
Artist: 예술가 [ye-sool-ga]
Author: 저자 [jeo-ja]
Manager: 매니저 [mae-ni-jeo]
Reporter: 기자 [gi-ja]
Actor: 배우 [bae-oo]
Actress: 여배우 [yeo-bae-oo]

Job/ Career: 직업 [jik-eob]
Employee: 직원분 [jik-won-boon]
Salary: 붕금 [boong-geum]
Part-time job: 아르바이트/ 알바 [a-reu-ba-i-teu/ al-ba]
Full-time: 전업 [jeon-eob]
Vacation: 휴가 [hyoo-ga]

***hoped you learned something new with my post on some jobs in Korean. I know I did. I didn’t know any of this before I searched them up for this post. I guess that’s the reason we do this…to learn a bit more I guess. anyways, as always, if there is anything wrong feel free to correct me and happy studying, babycakes. have a great day ~