***Hey babycakes~~~ Have you guys been having a great month so far. Has anything cool happened? Definitely not for me, lmao I have just been chilling this entire time haha. Anyways, I have prepared a post about society (dUN dUn dUN) and it’s quiet long actually. These words are words I’ve heard before in some serious-ass dramas I’ve watched but have never actually seen them up close lol so this was a great thing to look up. So if you are curious about words related society then keep reading on~***

Society: 사회 [sa-hwe]

People: 사람 [sa-ram]

Family: 가족 [ga-jok]

Religion: 종규 [jong-gyu]

Heaven: 천국 [cheon-gook]

Hell: 지옥 [ji-ok]

Death: 죽음 [jook-eum]

Murder: 살인 [sa-rin]

Life: 삶 [sarm- but is pronounced sam lol]

Medicine: 약 [yak]

Money: 돈 [don]

Debt: 빚 [bit]

Bill: 계산서 [gye-san-seo]

Marriage: 결혼 [gyeol-hon but is pronounced gyeo-ron]

Wedding: 결혼식 [gyeol-hon-shik but is pronounced as gyeo-ron-shik]

Team: 팀 [tim]

Ethnicity: 인종의 [in-jong-ui]

Sex (the act): 섹스 [sek-seu]

Sex (biological sex):성 [seong]

Gender: 성별 [seong-byeol]

Prison: 감옥 [gam-ok]

Technology: 과학 기술 [gwa-hak-gi-sool]

Energy: 에너지 [e-neo-ji]

War: 전쟁 [jeon-jaeng]

Peace: 평화 [pyeong-hwa]

Attack: 공격 [gong-gyeok]

Election: 선거 [seon-geo]

Government: 정부 [jeong-boo]

Magazine: 잡지 [jab-ji]

Newspaper: 신문 [shin-moon]

Poison: 독/독약 [dok/dok-yak]

Gun: 총 [chong]

Sports: 스포츠 [seu-po-cheu]

Race (sports): 경주 [gyeong-joo]

Price: 가격 [ga-hyeok]

Contract: 계약 [gye-yak]

Drug: 불법 마약 [bool-beop-ma-yak]

Science: 학문 [hak-moon]

God: 신 [shin