How's it going, beautiful people of WHI?
If you don't know me, my appellation is Suzie. This article is dedicated to some of my favorite throwbacks from the late 90s and early 00s. Keep reading to see the names of some jams that'll definitely remind you of your childhood!
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01 : santeria by sublime
boy, Hot, and sexy image
this single was released in january 1996 and i don't think i'll ever get tired of it.
02 : i want it that way by backstreet boys
AJ, backstreet boys, and brian image
a CLASSIC. if you don't know this song, go listen to it now! i love the backstreet boys so much. TELL ME WHYYY.
03 : wake me up when september ends by green day
Image by ~lostmyhead~
green day reminds me of my own childhood a lot. my brothers really loved them back in the day and i know a lot of their songs by heart. especially this amazing song!
04 : the reason by hoobastank
00s, black and white, and broken image 00s, black, and black and white image
i love this song with my entire heart and soul. this music video is the absolute best and watching it always makes me tear up. i mean, the song is just so goddamn BEAUTIFUL.
05 : oops!... i did it again by britney spears
Image by K Y L I E
this song is a BOP. i still listen to it and it came out 19 years ago! britney is such an icon, honestly.
06 : we are young by fun.
are, broke, and careless image
love this song so much! i know the lyrics by heart and it really just hits home. watch the music video, it's amazing.
07: show me the meaning of being lonely by backstreet boys
Image removed
heard this again recently and i just started crying, haha. i really missed this song cause it was so beautiful.
08: all star by smash mouth
all star, inspiration, and quote image
all star came out in 1999 and is a classic. if you don't know this song, you better listen to it. it was in shrek and i love shrek. lmao.
I really appreciate you reading through my article! I hope this reminded you of the old days and if it did, why not give me some love by leaving a heart? Have a wonderful summer and enjoy these throwbacks.
love, suzie.
july 19, 2019.