hey there! this is my first article so i wanted to make a get to know me tag ... hope you enjoy! ♡

➳ i was inspired for this article from this two articles so go to check them too hehe


♡ What is my name? -My name is Anastasia but peopel call me / know me as Anne
♡ What is my age? -I am 13 right now but i will turn 14 in November
♡ What is my gender? - I am a girl hehe
♡ What is my sexuality? - I am straight
♡ Where am I from? -I am from North Macedonia
♡ What languages do I speak? - Macedonian and English are at the top, I know French a little bit cuz i have French classes in school two times every week, I also can undrestend and speak Serbian cuz the language is really similar to Macedonian and I undrestand some Korean words but i do not speak Korean and i can not write, but i am trying to learn Korean hehe
♡ What are some positive personality traits of mine? - Oh well i guess i am always there for someone who needs help, i am a really loyal friend, i am honest almost every time...
♡ What are some negative personality traits of mine? -I am lazy most of the time ( it is getting better now tho i am not as lazy i was ), I am a secretive person tbh, I do not really want to talk about my problems or things that are happening to me to my irl friends, i can be really shy when i meet someone new oh and yeah i overthink a lot

♡ What do I like about myself? - I like my hair cuz i am getting compliments from everyone about it hehe, also i like my eyebrows and eyes
♡ What would I change about myself? -My weight ( it has gotten better lately since i have been on a healthy diet and exercise a little and i am gonna reach my goal soon ) and I want to say no more, cuz i am always saying yes and at the end i am regreting
♡ What is my eye color? - I have darkish brown eyes
♡ What is my hair color? - At the top is a little bit dark brown and at the bottom lighter brown
♡ What are some pet peeves of mine? - When i talk and someone cuts me in the middle of my sentence, people who don’t silence their phone when they play a game in public that it is just sksks, i can think oly of those atm
♡ What are my hobbies? -I like to take aesthetic pictures, I love watching kdramas, I love listening to music while doing homework or something like that, i like to draw and I am planning to start journaling
♡ What do I want to become? - idk lol and I do not really think about it

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♡ What is my favorite video game? - Super Mario

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♡ What is my favorite food? - Steak
♡ What is my favorite drink? - Coca Cola

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♡ What is my favorite piece of clothing? - Jeans
♡ What is my favorite color? - Purple and Blue
♡ What is my favorite movie? - Mission of love
♡ What is my favorite anime? - Kimi no Na wa ( Your Name )

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♡ What is my favorite subject? - English
♡ What is my favorite musical artist? -BTS

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♡ What is my favorite country? -Korea

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♡ Single or taken? -Single
♡ Pepsi or Coca Cola? -Coca Cola
♡ Dog person or cat person? -Dog person

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♡ Netflix or YouTube? -YouTube
♡ Kpop or Jpop? -Kpop
♡ Comedy or thriller? -Thriller
♡ Horror or action? -Horror
♡ Crime or science fiction? -Science fiction
♡ Rap or country music? -Rap
♡ Instagram or twitter? -Twitter
♡ In real life friends or internet friends? -Both

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♡ Favorite boy group/s? -BTS, ATEEZ, 1TEAM
♡ Favorite girl group/s? - MAMAMOO
♡ Ultimate bias/es? -Park Jimin, Choi San

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my angel and sunshine

♡ Favorite MV/s? -Spring Day, Save Me, Heartbeat, Aurora, Illusion, Wave
♡ Favorite entertainment? -JYP
♡ Favorite old kpop song/s? -Ma boy - Sistar19 , Fiction - Beast, Face - Nuest...
♡ Favorite solo artist/s? -Dean, Zico, Jessi, Hyuna, PSY, Loco...
♡ Kpop idols as my ideal type? -Jeon Jungkook and Jeong Yunho

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♡ Favourite kpop choreography/s? -Go Go, Say my name, Aurora
♡ Other kpop groups that i like? -GOT7, MONSTA X, NCT, STRAY KIDS....

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++ 𝕒𝕓𝕠𝕦𝕥 𝕞𝕖

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➳ this is my style of dressing, i wear jeans everyday hehe cuz i am insecure about my legs so i do not want to reveal them and thanks god we do not have school uniforms because i do not want to wear skirt lol
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➳ i have bangs and those are the hairstyles i make the most hehe, i have a straight hair but i like it when it is like on the 4th pics so i makes braids and sleep with them so that in the morning my hair will be weavy/curly?
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➳ noodles, chickenburger with french fries, vegetarian pizza and ice cream are my top 4 favorite foods, i eat only steak/chicken from meat but i do not consider myself as vegetarian
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➳ ideal dates: late night walks, beach ( night/day ) date, arcade date, amusment park date, picnic ( night/day ) date and mall date. why did i put thi-
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Thank you so much for reading this! I spent three hours writing this but i enjoyed it so much and i will definitly write more articles in the future hehe. Anyway I hope all of you have an amazing day! My ig is btsatiny if u wanna follow lol and we can maybe be friends hehe. Lav you all!

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me blowing kiss at everyone who came to the end