I've seen this tag a few times and wanted to do my own version :) so, i didn't pick my favorite things in these categories but really tried to think of similarities in the qualities of the things i picked and myself. so if i were a...


I'd say I would be yellow. or turquoise

ice cream, yellow, and dessert image blue, food, and cotton candy image
both underrated yet uplifting and vibrant


I would want to say a dolphin because I love the ocean but realistically I would be a cat (big or small)

lion, animal, and rose gold image cat, cute, and animal image
they are playful yet lazy, and they enjoy their own space = me

tv show

I think I would be Life Unexpected

jones, lux, and life unexpected image Image by Simran Axel
comedy, drama, love, heartbreak a.k.a my life


probably dancing or diving

dance, boy, and dancing image
dancing because it's a way of expressing myself through music and movement
sea, ocean, and water image
diving because I love exploring the waters and I'm fascinated by the ocean


i would like to say flight but i think that represent risk taking and bravery, so in most cases that's not me. i would be invisibility for sure.

anxiety, anxious, and broken image light, power, and fire image
invisibility because i think that would give me comfort in so many cases and situations. and i would get to travel for free. win/win


Half of my heart by John Mayer

john mayer, quote, and Lyrics image
this is it. i can't explain it but this is it for sure.

animated character

hmm hard one. maybe Alice

alice, disney, and alice in wonderland image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
curious, cute, emotional and young at heart and mind.
finland, invisible, and moomin image happy, holding hands, and joy image
or Ninni for anyone who knows Moomins. she's very shy and scared of a lot of things which is why she's turned invisible. but she comes around eventually



quotes, water, and summer image pretty, ocean, and view image
maybe just because it's my favorite element but i think it's definitely what i would be. that or air



peach, fruit, and food image anime, peach, and aesthetic image
super random but they are soft on the outside and sweet and juicy on the inside so basically dat me.



flowers, boy, and vintage image flowers, nature, and spring image
well, to me summer represents happiness and positivity and that's the goal. i wouldn't say I'm quite there yet so spring it is


vanilla & coconut together

cosmetics, relax, and skincare image coconut, white, and food image
not super overwhelming but still really good and sweet



flowers image flower and hawaii image
these are so small and delicate and simple but still unique and beautiful. i relate

body part

again, a hard one. i would say eyes

game of thrones, emilia clarke, and daenerys targaryen image quotes, art, and words image
just because they are the window to your soul and the best way to communicate without words which is what I like to do


Venice, Italy

italy and venice image venice, italy, and travel image
oh so romantic and mysterious. also so much water, gotta love it



summer, beach, and sand image tattoo, sun, and waves image
although it's pretty basic it has so many meanings to me.


Black star elephant by Nico & Vinz

quote, am i wrong, and song image loving it, am i wrong, and nico &vinz image
pretty random but this is where my mind took me first so I picked it. it's unique and not something a lot of people would necessarily listen to


Soul Surfer

Image removed soul surfer, bethany hamilton, and surf image
it's about holding on to faith and hope when under difficult circumstances. not 100% sure that I would be this movie but it's definitely inspiring

FRIENDS character


friends, life, and quotes image friends, chandler, and smile image
I'm definitely not as funny but the overall essence of Chandler resinates with me. he's just super sarcastic and weird.

hope you enjoyed! these are some the articles that inspired me.

Kia <3