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so, first off i just want to apologize for literally not posting at all in the past week. i mixed up the dates for band camp so not only did i not tell anyone i was leaving but i also had none of my stuff prepared for being in the florida sun for 12 hours a day practicing. bahaha well it was ok ig. anyways, its day 3 of the writing challenge and here is the original post in case you want to check it out or try this challenge yourself:


part 3

[What is really important to you?]

so, i could be cliché and say myself or my future. but to be honest the most important thing to me is my little sister. her name is adyson and she is 8. tho she is my literal everything. when i was in kindergarten everyone in my class had a sibling except me. all my cousins are ten times older then me. and i didn't have any close friends because we had just moved to florida from new jersey. so, i learned how to play by myself. how to watch endless hours of the same show on cable and never get bored. how to play bored games with only one player. bc, i really had no other choice. and, then on my 6th birthday my mom surprised me and told me she was pregnant with a girl. and ever since then my sister has been the one thing i care ab the most. i love her more then anyone and i hope that never changes.

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ty for reading my article and i really hope you enjoyed it! i promise i will be posting a ton more, since i got back. the plan is to post: the random fun articles, finish the writing challenge, but also post some of my poems and creative writing pieces. i have always loved writing and am actually almost done with this book me and friend have been working on for the past two years. we just found a publisher too, which is really exciting. anyway, i am gonna be linking my other articles down below so make sure to go check those out. otherwise, have a wonderful morning/day/night!

xoxo, siennamadison (losteyess)