Hey guys, now that it's officially summer (I'm late) I've decided to post some simple, super easy to prepare snacks for the summer. All of these can be made at home without having to spend tHAt mUcH money, unless you already have all the ingredients. Hope you enjoy!

Edible Cookie Dough

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It's such an easy to make snack and perfect if you don't feel like turning on your oven in the heat. Well, you will need to toast your flour for about five minutes to kill the bacteria, but hey, it's only five minutes. The recipe? There are a lot and it depends on the portion size but here is the one I use for one/two servings:


Fruit Salad

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What says summer better than a bowl of fresh fruit? The easiest and healthiest snack to a delicious summer. Gather some of your favourite berries, maybe some kiwi, mangoes, and melons. Dig in!

Fresh Smoothie

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If you aren't in the mood for chewing, a smoothie is always a refreshing summer drink. Mix together some of your favourite fruits, maybe add some juice/milk or ice cream in with your fruit. Personally, like to add a whole bunch of different fruits that don't even sound like they would taste good together, but they do. Here's an easy one:

3 strawberries
5 raspberries
Half a mango
Half a banana
10 blueberries
1 scoop of vanilla ice cream

Chocolate Mousse

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I made some chocolate mousse a while back and it's so amazing! I love making this because mixing everything together is so satisfying and the result is perfect. I used the Bobbly Flay recipe so I'll attach the link below. But honestly, this might be hard without an electric mixer, and even with one, it's a lot of mixing. But so worth it. Just a heads up.


If you're looking for something easy, here are a list of snacks that don't require much:

- Peanut butter and crackers
- Toast with peanut butter and honey (honey makes it soooo much better!)
- Chips and salsa
- Ice cream