basic info

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full name : nina ambre rubelle
age : 15 during 9th year
birthday : october 17
birth place : Paris 13ème, France


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hair : shoulder length slightly wavy brown hair
eye color : green-ish
height : 5'5 (168cm)
silhouette : tall & slender


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noble, kind, sincere, supportive, smart


horse, black, and equestrian image Image by Beka
horse riding


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classy & chic & expensive


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childhood best friend : adrien agreste, nina and adrien still hang out at the agreste mansion but spend less time together at school.
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childhood best friend : chloé bourgeois, nina and chloé have remained the best of friend through middle school, being so similar they basically are soulmates.
best friends, friendship, and partners image 1970s, la, and california image
golden trio : growing up together allowed the three to support each other and understand in a way that no one else could. they may have the strongest bond on the series as they experienced life appart from everyone else.

love interest

guitar, converse, and music image quotes, sweet, and cute image
luka couffaine : nina met luka just like marinette does in captain hardrock. he plays her a beautiful song and she slowly starts to fall. when adrien asks for her help with kagami in frozer, she asks him out to the ice rink, then hangs out with him later that day. during troublemaker nina was naturally invited to adrien's party, when luka arrives they only talk to each other and end up confessing their feelings.

miraculous and backstory

roarr, purple tiger, and kwami image aesthetic, super hero, and hand image
roarr, tiger kwami.

when in troublemaker mr. fu gives miraculouses away, he drops the small box containing the hand ornament next to nina. she quickly opens it to discover roarr, the small tiger kwami. she becomes sheere, and fights along side with her friends against the akumatized victim.

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