so this is my first article and i'm nervous lol
anyway, i wanted to try this for so long and here it goes

i was inspired by

so let's get started!


Question #1 what were you doing right before this?

ballerina, beautiful, and dance image ballet and dance image
in fact I have a ballet performance in a few hours so i was doing my makeup and hair and a little warm up

Question #2 what do you find yourself doing a lot these days?

Angelina Jolie, sad, and cry image art, ballet, and passion image Temporarily removed
crying a little bit, doing ballet and painting

Question #3 what's your current obsession?

tom holland, spiderman, and Marvel image celebrities, Marvel, and spiderman image blonde, gif, and girl image fashion, girl, and outfit image
Tom Holland, like soooo in love with this man, an luxury or classy life

Question #4 what are you typically doing on days off?

Image removed beauty, cosmetics, and eyebrows image
shopping, selfcare while listening a dope playlist

Question #5 what's your favorite place to visit in the world?

verona, italy, and letters image Image by tenderlygirl
i've never been but i wil love to go to Verona

Question #6 what's one hobby you'll never give up?

dance, ballet, and dancer image book, girl, and vintage image
dancing and reading

Question #7 what's a hobby you plan on picking up?

Copyrighted image
workout and painting

Question #8 how would you describe yourself in three words?

dreams, important, and inspiration image abs, dior, and girls image quotes, love, and respect image
passionate, childish and loyal

Question #9 what scares you the most?

dark and sad image

Question #10 what makes you the angriest?

many things, but mostly when people hide things away from me

Question #11 who's the most fashionable woman you know?

zendaya and zendaya coleman image didar, xodidar, and hair image
i gotta say Zendaya and Didar (follow her on instagram, she's the best)

Question #12 what's your favorite animal?

dog, cute, and animal image Image removed
dogs and wolves

Question #13 what's your favorite thing to eat?

pizza, food, and cheese image Image by tenderlygirl
pizza forevaaaaa

Question #14 what was your favorite movie as a kid?

Inspiring Image on We Heart It fly, disney, and peter pan image
Peter Pan. i like to belive that i'll never trully grow up:)

Question #15 can you say anything in a foreign language?

Image by • X I M E N A• bonjour, good morning, and sunshine image
i'm actually mexican so i can speak fluently english and a couple of words in french

Question #16 when do you feel most beautiful?

beauty, face, and natural image
when i look myself at my mirror without makeup and realize i can look cute without it (this is actually me)

Question #17 what's your favorite color?

Image removed travel, sky, and blue image
mostly blue

Question #18 who's your girl crush?

laura harrier image beautiful, model, and pretty image
Laura Harrier and Didar (also Zendaya but mostly them)

Question #19 heels or flats?

fashion image shoes, heels, and closet image
i actually hate flats so heels

Question #20 window or aisle seat?

travel, sky, and airplane image travel, ocean, and sea image
window forevaaaaa

Question #21 coffee or tea?

tea, cup, and magic image book, flowers, and tea image
i actually don't drink any of those, but if i will it would be tea

Question #22 if you made a documentary about your life, what would it be called?

Temporarily removed girl, smile, and model image
a series of fortunate and unfortunate events

Question #23 what's the last country you visited?

alternative, roadtrip, and travel image
usa lol i went on a road trip

Question #24 best gift you've ever received?

i can't think of one right now haha sorry

Question #25 if you could play one instrument, what would it be?

piano, music, and hands image :), interior, and life image
definitly piano

Question #26 if you had a tattoo, what would it be?

tattoo, friends, and couple image Image by lizzie Image by lizzie arte, frases, and tattoo image
something with the name of my dead sister Jessica or meaningful about her

Question #27 winter or summer?

Image removed aesthetic, chilling, and models image
actually both but mostly winter

Question #28 sweet or savory foods?

food and oreos image aesthetic, breakfast, and delicious image

Question #29 dogs or cats?

animals, blanket, and colors image dog, puppy, and cute image

Question #30 what's your favorite flower?

flower, flowers, and orchid image flowers and blue image

Question #31 who's your favorite actress?

princess, Anne Hathaway, and the princess diaries image lily collins image
Anne Hathaway and Lilly Collins

Question #32 who's your favorite actor?

Avengers, gif, and spiderman image Image removed spiderman, peter parker, and tom holland image tom holland, spiderman, and peter parker image
Tom Holland. i'm so in love with this man, he's the biggest crush i've ever had

Question #33 favorite holiday?

christmas, couple, and winter image nutcracker, ballet, and christmas image

Question #34 what's the cutest thing in the world?

pikachu, yellow, and pika image gif, pikachu, and cute image
right now, i think live-action pikachu

Question #35 if you could go to any concert, past or present, which one would you go to?

Freddie Mercury, Queen, and roger taylor image michael jackson image
definitly Queen and Michael Jackson

Question #36 who makes you laugh the most?

fresh prince of bel air, gif, and throwback image
my brother in law hahah he's really funny and stupid

Question #37 if you could have dinner with anyone dead or alive, who would you pick?

tom holland, spiderman, and Marvel image Image removed
Tom Holland, a million times him!

Question #38 what movie makes you cry everytime you watch it?

disney, movie, and the fox and the hound image disney, friends, and the fox and the hound image
fox and the hound

Question #39 what tv show are you currently watching?

friends, monica, and chandler image friends, chandler, and chandler bing image

Question #40 what book do you plan on reading?

harry potter, hermione, and magic image
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Question #41 must have beauty product?

benefit, brow, and ready image
brow gel

Question #42 what's your zodiac sign?

art and fish image

Question #43 eye color?

eyes, girl, and brown image eyes, eye, and makeup image
brown eyes

Question #44 hair color?

goal goals life, inspi inspiration, and luxury luxe nude image Premier and zendaya image
its actually dark brown, but i painted it red kind of like Zendaya

Question #45 what's your favorite thing to wear?

clothes and outfit image fashion, outfit, and style image
oversized shirts and hoodies

Question #46 dream job?

ballet, russian, and bolshoi image Versace, fashion, and emily ratajkowski image
ballet dancer or model

Question #47 when was the last time you cried?

two days ago, in my rehearsal

Question #48 favorite sound?

my true laugh, rain and obviously music.
Image removed rain, aesthetic, and rainy image
ok so i'm gonna explain about my laugh. turns out i have depression, and sometimes the things that i used to enjoy before don't make me laugh or smile anymore. so when something seems REALLY funny me i laugh too much that i start crying and my stomach hurts i realize im truly happy

Question #49 iphone or android?

iphone, nails, and rainbow image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

Question #50 best way to destress?

bath, girly, and home image friends, chandler, and relax image
selfcare day is the best

Question #51 one movie you can watch over and over?

Avengers, gif, and Tom image spiderman, black, and Marvel image
spiderman homecoming and far from home

Question #52 if you were in a flashmob, where'd it be?

i don't unterstand the question lol

Question #53 one thing you can not live without?

comedy, modern family, and sitcom image
my family

Question #54 on a scale 1-10, how excited are you about life right now?

meh, 5-6. i'm back at my medication but i'm also waiting for a good trip in august

Question #55 favorite band?

Freddie Mercury, music, and Queen image Freddie Mercury, Queen, and music image

Question #56 favorite solo artist?

michael jackson, king of pop, and mj image style and bruno mars image
Michael Jackson, and is not really my favorite but i really like Bruno Mars

Question #57 favorite smell?

aesthetic, alternative, and rain image monsoon image
in spanish is tierra mojada. i don't know how to say it in english, but is the smell from the ground when its raining

Question #58 scary movies or happy endings?

animation, childhood, and happily image gif, goals, and kiss image
happy endings, i'm really coward for scary movies

Question #59 favorite movie right now?

peter pan and disney image spiderman, tom holland, and zendaya image
Peter Pan and spiderman far from home

Question #60 what color is your toothbrush?

is actually transparent lol

Question #61 what's a curse word you use all the time?

model, shower, and women image Image by lizzie
wow ok in english i use shit, what the hell and the F word, but in spanish there are so many im gonna mention just three: chingado, pendeja y valiendo madres

Question #62 what are you most excited about these days?

girl, travel, and airplane image night, paris, and plane image
going on a trip with my mom and my sister<3

Question #63 are you scared of the dark?

abandoned, alternative, and dark image dark, good night, and night time image
only if there is something that could hit me

Question #64 what's your favorite country to visit?

travel, ice cream, and photography image pizza, food, and italy image
italy, i will love to visit there, and live in Verona

Question #65 what's the coolest thing in the world?

definitly disney and marvel

Question #66 name of your first pet?

dog, english bulldog, and fall image animal, beautiful, and dog image

Question #67 if you could have any super power, which one would you choose?

disney, magic, and peter pan image
flying of course

Question #68 are you happy with your handwriting?

sometimes, meh

Question #69 do you like surprises?

girl, pink, and balloons image couple, forever, and goal image
YEeEeeeES! (tom holland's reference)

Question #70 best piece of advice ever given?

gif, cute, and hug image Claire, jim, and troll hunters image
dance as if no one was watching and love as if it would never hurt.i heard it in trollhunters and its the best i've ever heard

Question #71 if you could be successful at which sport, which one would it be?


Question #72 if you could switch lives with someone for a day, who'd you choose?

zendaya, red, and suit image zendaya, tom holland, and spiderman image
Zendaya, bc she spends time w/ Tom Holland<3

Question #73 how long did it take to make this article?

Image by vulpeselise bed, rose gold, and pink image
all day. i'm tired

okay so im done with this ones but i found another article with more questions so stay updated


ok so i found another article and there are so many other questions so here we go

i was inspired by

2. What is your least favorite color?

i think none, i like al the colors

10. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?

better, boyfriend, and mom image
i think my mom hahah

26. What festival do you want to go to?

Image removed

30. Where are you from?

aesthetic, clouds, and sky image city, ciudad de mexico, and méxico image mexico, honeymoon, and saltlife image Image by 𝓑𝓮𝓷𝓮𝓴𝓸𝓻𝓸𝓷𝓮

41. What was your first concert?

alternative, concert, and green image
i've never been in one

44. Do you want kids?

Image removed baby, family, and sleep image
yes yes yes yes YES

45. Do you like cooking and baking?

food, cook, and kitchen image
im the worst at it, but i like it

46. Favorite thing about yourself?

Image by Deja Image removed 80s, grunge, and retro image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
my style for dressing, bc its so eclectic i can wear anything and make it look cooler than it seems and people at school and work keeps telling me "i love the way you dress" "you look always so cool" and i like compliments hahah

47. Least favorite thing about yourself?

lips, aesthetic, and red image brow, eye, and eyeshadow image
my teeth bc they need some work and my brows bc i dont have any lol

48. What are you favorite songs right now?

bruno, mars, and treasure image Image removed
treasure from Bruno Mars will always be my favorite, and another one is goodbye yellow brick road by Elton John

to be continued....