now it's been like few hours after final episode ended and i still very emotional but anyways now i want to share my thoughts about this season with you.

all this opinions are mine so if you agree it's ok and if you disagree it's also ok. we all are diffrent persons with diffrent thoughts

1. Kim Minkyu

i want to start with him because i just tired of all that hate around him. i mean yes i totally agree that now he is kinda weak to debut and it's even for him better that he isn't in final line up. but what did he make for yall for getting so much hate? his popularity isn't really his achievement and fact that he all time was in top 10 isn't his fault. he just a boy who came here with dream about debut as all trainees and he tried his best to achieve it. if we don't like that he was higher than a lot of really more ready for debut trainees we have to blame only knetizens who voted for him. because he did nothing wrong and doesn't deserve all that hate

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he is so hard-working and good person and i'm sure that in few years he will be great idol

2. Starship trainees

starship trainees deserve to be a group after all like ab6ix. i mean all of them are so talented and their chemistry is so touching. i will wait for them

starship boys, produce x 101, and song hyeongjun image kang minhee, minhee, and produce x 101 image
also i'm so happy because hyeongjun and my baby minhee are in the final line up

3. Cry babies

i don't really get when people say that hyeongjun or dongpyo are annoying because they cry a lot. idk maybe it's normal for me because tbh i'm cry baby myself so i understand them. it's just their personalities and i don't think that they only wanted make national producers feel sorry so they would vote for them

dongpyo image kpop, produce x 101, and hyeongjun image
i mean they are just 16 THEY ARE TALENTED KIDS LET THEM CRY

4. Idols

i like all up10tion, victon and myteen boys who appeared here because they all deserve debut. and they made it in past. i feel like some seungwoo or wooseok stans don't even know that their faves already have groups and i'm pretty sure that boys came here not because they want debut in another. they want to help their groups but don't leave them. and what we have now? victon will be without leader and up10tion without wooseok at least for 2.5 years. maybe it would be better if all their stans supported their groups instead of voting?

Image by ro up10tion, album, and kpop image
thanks to produce i became more intrested in those groups. be brave alices, you''thes and honey10's, your boys doing well

5. Super Special Girl

just want to say that this team losed only because it consisted of not really popular trainees AND DESERVED BETTER

boys, donghyun, and korea image
and suhwan at least for once deserved position of main vocalist but yuvin also did well

6. YG trainees

you can say that i being biased because i watched ygtb BUT. mahiro an jyunhao did not really good on the first evaluation i agree. jyunhao still kinda weak later i agree. but did you watch "attention" performance? mahiro was AMAZING center and he ended last in own team. they were judged not for skills but for company where they are from and it's sucks

kpop, yg, and ygtb image
they deserved better

7. X

everything that were connected with X was just so strange. i mean we had x-rang where were boys with worst skills but it was showed like it is not so bad because trainees here have "endless potential". just what? and that x-trainee before concept battle. why wasn't he introtuced before all teams already started preparing performances?

woolim, produce x 101, and dongyun image dongyun, woolim, and woolim boys image
mnet made dongyun stressed and me with him too

8. X1-MA

i really like all produce titles but this one in case of lyrics is the best tea

produce x 101, pdx101, and dongpyo image

9. Mnet and drama

what really annoyed me that how every preparing for mission were shown. we ALWAYS had troubles but at the end got almost perfect performances. and i understand that it is for us not to be bored. but sometimes it was too much and some trainees were shown at a bad light only for drama

produce x 101, sihun, and kim sihun image boys, korea, and kpop image produce x 101, wonjin, and starship boys image pdx101, produce, and wonhyuk image
sihun, jinhyuk, wonjin and wonhyuk are examples

10. Lee Midam

it is such a big mystery why he didn't make even into top 30. this boy can do everything like singing, rapping, dancing, producing and more. his international fanbase is so big but i can't remember how many times i saw him more than for 3 sec. oh yes only on first episode when he battled for first place chair, that's all. i mean he did music for "twit" performance IT DESERVED ATTENTION

midam didn't need produce it's produce who needed him but what we have

producex101, pdx101, and leemidam image leemidam, midam, and producex101 image
he is ready as idol LET MY SUNSHINE DEBUT

11. Final line up

fight me but it is good. i prepared myself for something worse. but here we have good vocalists, great rappers, good dancers and visuals. i'm satisfied

minhee, produce x 101, and kang minhee image x1, minhee, and produce x 101 image
my precious minhee will debut can you believe because i still shoked

12. All trainees deserve debut

yes that's it. maybe not today, not this month or not this year but they deserve it. all of them work hard for this so lets support them!

and at the end

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ham wonjin. choi suhwan. kang seokhwa. lee midam. tony. kim sihun. hidaka mahiro. kim minseo. i'm so thankful to this show that i found you all. you are my forever picks and i will wait for you to shine on stage again. lets debut!!!

stan all produce boys

thanks for reading