Hello hearters ! 🙌 Can I ask you a question ? Does anyone kept this thing of one article per day right once ? Cause I feel like its impossible. Like, tbh, I love doing this so much but I have so much things to do !
Anyway, let's go !

Day 16: Is your character in a relationship? If yes, describe the personality and appearance of his/her boyfriend/girlfriend. If not, explain if he/she has a crush, has an ex or simply doesn't want to be in a relationship.

Lily Rose is not in a relationship BUT, as I already said, she has a crush. His name is Pierce, he is in senior year in high school, like Lily.
Pierce has brown short hair, green eyes and an incredible smile. He is kind of strong but not too musculate and taller than Lily. Pierce plays soccer.
When you don't know him he may look like the typical popular american high school boy. But he's not.
In fact, they start to talk 'cause PIerce was really interest to learn about the 'city life' of Lily. They discover they had a lot of things in common.
First, Pierce is a very inteligent and cultured boy. He loves cinema, music and has travel a lot so they have some really passionate conversation.
They are in the same group of friends and kind of turn around each other, like the other but don't dare to say it.

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Day 17: What is your character's signature quote? What's the reaction of his/her friends around him/her when he says it?

Oh sorry, Shakespeare !

Lily is a very sarcastic person, it's her sense of humour. People like, or don't. That's what she is. Most of the time, her friends make fun of her by completing the sentence when she starts to say "Oh".
It's really her signature. For her birthday, all of her friends make a Twitter post with this quote like "Oh sorry, Shakespeare ! Didn't know it was your birthday !" or "Oh sorry, Shakespeare ! You're already dead, you don't need a birthday."

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