It's summer 2019. Instead of being at the beach enjoying the sunny weather you are in your room, tears running down your eyes. You hate yourself because your thighs are too "fat" as you say, or too "thin" and you'd look disgusting in a swimsuit.
You are crushing on someone really hard. Your friends are encouraging you to tell them. But you don't, because you know you will get rejected, after all you are ugly right?
You are shopping at the mall with your mum and you suddenly spot a super cute dress. "OMG I love that" is your first thought. You try it on. It's so tight. Oh no, you can't buy that, everyone will see that you have no curves. That's why you always wear oversized clothes.
You finally decide to wear that cute outfit you've recently bought. You start walking to your friend's house when you suddenly bump into some girls from your school. You talk to them for a bit and as you are walking away you hear the whisper "she looks like a pig in that".
You take 200 pictures of yourself. You actually think one of them is pretty nice! You look beautiful. You post it. It only takes 50 likes, but 400 people are following you? Was it not good enough? It's probably because you are unattractive, you think, as you cry yourself to sleep.
Your body is just where your soul is living. Is someone's house going to define if they are a good person or not? Definitely no. So why do we judge a person only by their appearance? It's what's inside that actually matters. I hear so many people talking and they are like "Wow she is so pretty, she must be very happy in her life", No guys the appearance doesn't matter!!! You don't know if that girl that you call pretty and happy was crying in her room last night about something more important than a rejection from a boy, for example about her dead family member or because she thinks she is not enough. You don't know how much pain a person can go through. Live your life without judging others lives..It's so simple.
Society is FUCKED UP. It makes us believe we need to have a specific body type, which is usually very UNHEALTHY. Boys have to be ripped, 6.2, while girls need to have flawless skin, flat tummies but a big butt and boobs. People starve themselves to achieve that and that's not OKAY.
We are teenagers and instead of enjoying a carefree childhood we cry ourselves to sleep every night because we don't have Kylie Jennner's or Shawn Mendes' body. And we think this is a bad thing. But IT IS NOT. We are all different and honestly, this only adds to our beauty.
YOU are not ugly. YOU are not stupid. YOU are YOU and that's the most beautiful thing in the world. Be yourselves please.
I need you to understand how important it is to love yourself. If we all started doing that then we would be able to focus on more important matters such as the environmental pollution, wars, poverty...

That's all guys for today. Please believe in youselves <3
With love,