What I Eat In A Day

is a insider on what I eat and how I manage to not eat so much...
  • First of all, I take meds so that's part of why I don't eat much (This is different for everyone of course.

My meds make me not hungry or very sleepy

Now let's jump in..
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I Recommend you to eat lots of fruits and homemade meals instead of fast food and junk
  • I eat strawberries, peaches, blueberries and bananas in the morning.
  • In the afternoon I eat a ham sandwich and make some ginger tea.

This problem that I'm about to include is that after that I don't eat dinner. It's normal for me not to eat dinner, but just in case...I cut up some strawberries, put them in the freezer and put a pinch of sugar of them. So I can have them later.

So that is what I eat in a day, I just wanted to share and help a person out who wants to change their meal plan or go on a (somewhat) diet