I wish I could give cred to the creator of this tag but I will say I got inspired by Emi, aka @giricatt, go check out her articles!

If I were a... | tag

color | sunset orange

aesthetic, city, and sky image aesthetic, art, and hands image
relaxing, beautiful, & bold

animal | horse

gif and horse image Image removed
lively, independent, and positive

tv show | Sherlock

sherlock, Martin Freeman, and john watson image fun, hangover, and netflix image
I like solving mysteries, observant, & a bit sarcastic

activity | Listening to music & writing

Inspiring Image on We Heart It Inspiring Image on We Heart It
i love music so much it gets me through the day | Writing helps me express how I feel

song | Ups & Downs - Kyle

superduperkyle image glitter, aesthetic, and cd image
"trust me, believe me, I've been there too" "Down on my luck, I was just like you" "Singing the same damn old sad song" "But you'll be fine, It'all be fine" "It's just in your mind"

animated character | Pyrrha Nikos

gif, rwby, and pyrrha nikos image pyrrha nikos, rwby, and jnpr image
RWBY | Responsible, funny, friendly, strong, awkward, and selfess

element | Fire

aesthetic, gold, and sea image fire, nature, and mountains image
Sagittarius | fire sign

disney character | Moana & Pocahontas

gif and moana image disney, pocahontas, and princess image
free spirited, headstrong, intelligent, & adventurous

animated movie | Spirited Away

anime, spirited away, and studio ghibli image chihiro, Hayao Miyazaki, and studio ghibli image
When I first watched this movie i cried, laughed, and just overall enjoyed it ^-^

drink | Tea & Coffee

wallpaper, panda, and we bare bears image aesthetic, coffee, and drink image
calm, refreshing, & delicious

view | sunrise & sunsets

beautiful, pink, and sky image citites, new york, and purple image
Alexa play Love lies by Khalid ft Normani | "she was still the girl that got excited at beautiful views"

food | cinnamon pretzels

pretzels, Cinnamon, and sweets image food, yum, and pretzels image
AMAZING ahem sorry but they're so nice and sugary

clothing items | graphic tees, hoodies, & sweaters

outfit image fashion, blue, and style image
warm, comfortable, & stylish

season | fall

book, autumn, and lights image tree, light, and pink image
breezy, bright, and warm drinks

scent | vanilla

book, brown, and photography image cosmetics, relax, and skincare image
sweet & pure

tv character | Jim

jim halpert, the office, and john krasinski image crush, jim halpert, and john krasinski image
The Office | humorous

school subject | drawing (art)

Inspiring Image on We Heart It Inspiring Image on We Heart It

app | spotify, webtoon, & weheartit

spotify image zendaya, meme, and reaction image
I love listening to music while reading manga or novels late at night | I find myself getting lost in Webtoon for hours & not realize lmaoo

game | super smash bros ultimate & pubg

nintendo and peach image pubg, pubg mobile, and mobile club 2019 image
i recently got introduced to pubg and i got addicted

accessories | necklaces

accessories, beauty, and choker image fashion, necklace, and style image
they're beautiful and bring out your outfit more

book series | series of unfortunate events

A Series of Unfortunate Events, fire, and gifs image Image removed
An exciting, suspenseful series that i read as a child

superpower | teleportation

future, gate, and sci-fi image blue, super powers, and electricity image
so i can just go anywhere i want, any country to tour and exploreee

super hero tv show | The Umbrella Academy & Legacies

the umbrella academy and netflix image The Originals and legacies image
very good shows i highly recommend it! warning: unbelievable cliffhangers cries

old cartoon | Powerpuff girls

pink, powerpuff girls, and cartoon image cartoon, powerpuff girls, and aesthetic image
Blossom - sweet | Bubbles - nice & emotional | Buttercup - real & bold

actress | Yara Shahidi

actress, blackish, and yara shahidi image belleza, elegancia, and moda image
Gorgeous with an inspiring personality

architecture | penthouse, apartments, beach houses

beautiful, blue, and city image bedroom, sea, and home image
city view & beach view

That's it for today guys, this really took me 2 weeks to do because im very indecisive and i was busy so please show some love on this article! This does help give people a better understanding of who i am as a person <3

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