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¤ that turtles are a bad idea. I'm too lazy to take care of pets don't treat them right
how this makes me feel: regret, guilt, mean, that pets deserve better than me
¤that getting in bed with a boy is not okay if I'm not gonna give, that's teasing, lowers the guys confidence
how this makes me feel: guilty, insecure, mean, arrogant, selfish, shy
¤dancing with guys in clubs in slutty ways is okay, it's an easy way to express yourself and relax cause you don't know anyone there and you're never gonna meet them again
how this makes me feel:happy, confident, energized, attractive, proud, open
¤looking for validation from your family members is not the place to get it
how this makes me feel: small, dumb, immature, childish, insecure
¤when I decide, do it with emotion and do it quickly when it feels good
how this makes me feel:complete, decisive, confident, sure in myself
¤that sitting on a couch is not going to get you anywhere. staying connected online or on the streets can get you new people and then new places and then new smiles and then experiences. it's been so fun not being on a couch
how this makes me feel: fun, friendly, brave, confident, competent, unstoppable when I have these people

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