Today it will not be an article like the others! I will introduce several types of idea...
but first I must tell you that to make a tattoo you must:

- To think about it a long time
- To know what you want
- To look for the model that we like the most
- To be sure that we want one
- That the tattoo pleases you and only you! As they say, others do not care.

First we look at a model of flowers

tattoo, rose, and flowers image aesthetic, flowers, and ink image
Fleurs, rose, and tattoo image mandala, tattoo, and pivoine image
tattoo and tatouage fleurs image

Now, why not animals that are important to you or who looks like you ?!

tattoo, dragon, and nike image tattoo and tiger image
tattoo and tiger image tatouage, chat, and knottattoo image
tatouage, animaux, and tattoo image tatouage, tattoo, and loup image

Thereafter, we see the characters

tattoo, knottattoo, and barista image art, disney, and family image
beautiful, china, and grunge image geisha, tatouage, and tattoo image

and cute things.

arm, inspiration, and lovely image Temporarily removed
Image by e t h e r e a l tatouage, tattoo, and voyage image

for more information look at the internet or the official websites of tattoo artists but also !!!

I hope you have more, do not hesitate to tell me 💕

! This is not to incite you !