Dear Readers,
lol, how bold of me to assume that someone is reading this.
Either way, this is my very first article and I have to admit that I am a Little bit excited About this because I've been wanting to do this for a very Long time now but never had the time to.
First Things first. My Name is Jana. Im eighteen years old and I'm from Germany. In case you've been wondering why my english is so bad.

I've found this very cool Question tag and even though noone really cares, I still like to do this. So dear Reader, if you are procrastinating Right now or sitting on the toilet, feel free to continue reading.

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1:`* Do you ever wish you were someone else?*` Not someone specific but I'd like to be someone who is more extroverted and open than I am 2: `*What is your full name?`* My first Name is Jana and I don't have a second Name because my parents didn't even knew that you could give your Children more than one Name when I was Born. An well, I won't publish my last Name sorry. 3: `*How old are you and how old do you get mistaken for?`* Like I've already said, I'm 18 but People often think that I am younger like 14 or 16 4: `*Have you ever dyed your hair?`* Once but noone saw a difference because I was too chicken to try something moreextreme 5:`* What’s your eye color?`*
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brown 6: `*Your opinion about your body and how comfortable you are with it`*
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On some days I feel like a frigging godess on other days, like today I feel like I weigh 200 Kilos, which I don't. But mostly I'm quite okayish with it. 7: *Do you have any tattoos or piercings?*
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Yes I have two earrings on each ear and a Helix on my left one and I want some more.. 8: *What would you say is your best quality?* If you someone is important to me I will do anything for them 9:`* What are you really bad at?*` I can't sing to save my life but that doesn't stop me from doing it 10: *What talent do you wish you had?* I wish I could sing and Play an Instrument because I think that's Pretty cool 11: *Are you nice to everyone?* I really try but often I am not. It's more subconscious and not on Purpose and I am working very hard to Change that but working on your worst Habits is hard. 12: *What do you think about the most?* Right now what I want to do with my life because I finished School a couple of months ago 13: *Things you like/dislike about yourself* I like how honest I am and sometimes I can be really funny and interesting but at the same time I feel boring and I overthink everything. That sucks 14: *What is your least favorite word?* Papperlapapp. It's German 15:`* What is your favorite word?*` I honestly don't have one 16: *Are you more like your mom or your dad?* Physically definetly like my dad but on the inside more like my mom because we have a very similar sense of humour and opinions. 17: *Would you ever smile at a stranger?*
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I'm doing it the whole day at work and even if I don't I try to smile at strangers. 18:`* A reason you’ve lied to someone*` Multiple. Mostly because I didn't want to go out. 19:`* Are you lying about anything right now?*` No 20:`* Have you kissed someone older than you?*`
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Yesss 21: *Do you believe in love at first sight?* Not really. Love is something very complex and to truly know someone you have to get to know someone and even if you see someone and find him or her physically very appealing you should still get to know each other 22:`* Do you believe in soulmates?*` Definetly. There are love soulmates and friend soulmates. If that makes sense 23:`* Are looks important?*` For me they Kind of are but at the same time I don't care how my Friends or the People I talk to look like 24:`* Opinion on relationship age differences *` I don't see a Problem there. 25: *Would you date someone off the Internet?* Honestly I don't think so. Or at least not if I hadn't seen him in Person and spent some time with him doing something. But that's just my opinion and I am very happy for others who are able to do thath. 26:`* Have you ever cried over a boy/girl?*` Only once 27: `*Have you ever wanted someone you couldn’t have?`* Story of my life 28: *Anyone you’re giving up on right now?* I am not quite sure yet if I should 29: *Have you ever liked someone who your friends hated?* I don't think so 30: *Have you ever liked your best friend?* Not my best friend but we were close 31:`* How does someone win your heart?*` By being Kind, funny, caring, understanding and ONLY if he gets along with my family 32: *What turns you on?*
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When a guy smells delicious, cares About you and gives you that Special feeling 33:`* What turns you off?*` When someone is racist, ignorant, homophobe, talks bad About or towards others. That's definetly a no go 34:`* Do you get jealous easily?*` That depends on the guy. If I know he is just the type of Person that hangs out with Girls a lot then and is loyal then no. 35: *What is your definition of cheating?* When you are more interested in someone else than your significant other 36: *Do you forgive betrayal?* I try to but I can't. It is Always in the back of my mind 37: *Have you ever been cheated on?* Well noone can cheat on you when you don't have relationships Right? 38:`* Have you ever cheated on someone?*` No 39: *How often do you listen to music?* Every single day 40: *First concert you attended* I've never been to one and now I want my first concert to be very Special and that's a lot pressure now 41: *Last movie you watched* I think spiderman homecoming 42: *Favorite type of movie* I like comedies, romances and action 43: *Is there something that happened in your past that you hate talking About?* Some Things in my childhood 44: *Are you good at hiding your feelings?* Yes and No. Depends on to whom I am Talking to 45: *Do you fall in love easily?* I like someone very easily but falling in love? Takes forever 46: *Do you think people say I love you too much?* No 47: *What’s your favorite holiday?* All 48:`* Are you a forgiving person? Do you like being that way?*` Depends on what has happened. I guess 49: *Where’s the most magical place on earth?*

The ballet in Sankt Petersburg
50: *What’s your “type”? *
Honestly, I don't have a type.