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hey guys! i decided to start the 30 day writing challenge i'm pretty exicted about it i have always wanted to do something like well here we go!

✯ Day 1 : list ten things that make you really happy

  • sunny days
blue, clouds, and grass image aesthetic, sun, and earrings image
  • my family
red, aesthetic, and minimalist image family, baby, and child image
  • writing
aesthetic, art, and art journal image planner, bujo, and bullet journal image
  • painting
art, flowers, and paint image art, eye, and painting image
  • memes
Mature image meme, funny, and mood image
  • sunsets
sunset, ocean, and sea image sunset, travel, and view image
  • the beach
beach, girl, and ocean image beach, girl, and relax image
  • cute outfits
shirts and vsco image aesthetic, cool, and girl image
  • hanging out with friends
brighton, fun, and hastings image travel, friends, and best friends image
  • a good movie or series
netflix, netflix and chill, and netflix starter image pizza, netflix, and love image
thank you so much so reading ♥ i will try my best to continue the challenge and not give up