19th of july,2019.

─ hi, you can answer to these questions in your article :) just put " fun 20 question tag " and mention this article in it. hope you enjoy.

› what super power would you like to have?

› what color would you dye your hair?

› would you rather become a vampire or mermaid?

› would you rather sleep with a snake or swim with a shark?

› what's your dream place to visit?

› if you write your age backwards how old are you than?

› what are you doing right now?

› describe your fashion style in one word.

› would you want to date yourself if you were a different person?

› how much time do you spend on this app?

› if you had your own game what would it be called?

› what's one thing that you want to do?

› lemons or lime?

› at what age do you want to get married?

› what's one movie you want to act in?

› name one artist you like and one you dislike.

› what's your native language?

› can you say " i love you " in 5 languages?

› what's your spirit animal?

› what would you name your future kid/kids?


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