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1. favourite band

bang, felix, and han image Image removed
stray kids ♡

2. celebrity i would marry

hyunjin, stray kids, and kpop image stray kids, hyunjin, and kpop image
hyunjin. i love him with all my heart :((

3. girl celebrity i would date even though i'm straight

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lee sungkyung. she's so pretty ♡

4. favourite actress

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millie bobby brown. she's so talented and pretty~

5. celebrity who was my first crush

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➷ no. 1 creds to fanpop ➹
i don't really know, but i had a huge crush on robert pattinson in twilight :)

6. celebrity i would love to kiss in a movie/show scene

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lee jong suk. he's so handsome ♡

7. celebrity i would love to trade lives with

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rosé. i'd love to perform on stage with the other blackpink members

8. favourite disney star(s)

boys, twins, and zack and cody image twins, cole sprouse, and dylan sprouse image
the sprouse twins :)

9. celebrity i would love to be best friends with

Image by Dawn mark, nct, and nct 127 image
➷ no. 2 creds to lqmarklee on tumblr ➹
mark. he's so sweet and funny. i think he'd be an amazing best friend!

10. favourite songwriter

stray kids, han, and bang chan image jisung, stray kids, and changbin image
➷ no. 2 creds to 1st look korea ➹
3racha. bang chan, jisung and changbin are some of the best songwriters in kpop, yall can't change my mind ♡

11. actor/actress from my favourite movie

paul walker and rip image paul walker image
paul walker from fast & furious :(

12. actor/actress from my favourite show

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noah schnapp from stranger things.

13. celebrity i would do anything to meet

hyunjin, kpop, and boy image hyunjin, hwang hyunjin, and stray kids image
hyunjin. he's so beautiful and i just want to tell him how much i love him (♥ω♥)

14. celebrity whose concert i would love to go to

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bts. i've missed all the london concerts. i really want to go to their concert before they start military enlistment :(

15. celebrity i would like to bring back to life

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➷ creds to @dreamyjjcng
jonghyun ):

16. celebrity i would love to have dinner with

stray kids, felix, and kpop image felix, stray kids, and kpop image
felix. he's such a cutie :( also can i just say his freckles are perfect and he should show them more often ♡´・ᴗ・`♡

17. celebrity whose voice i would love to have

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lisa's. i think my singing voice is okay, i just don't like how i sound when i rap haha.

18. celebrity whose wardrobe i would love to own

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➷ creds to yurinaoto on ig ➹
she's an influencer, but yuri's!! i love 90% of the clothes she wears and i love the wigs she owns too~

19. celebrity i have seen in concert or am going to see

aesthetic, felix, and han image Chan, felix, and han image
i saw stray kids at the o2 academy brixton in london 28.7.19!!

20. celebrity i would love to interview

jung, kim, and kpop image kpop, yunho, and jongho image
ateez. they're so popular and talented, even though they're only rookies :) i love them ♡
stray kids, hyunjin, and kpop image

♡ thank you for reading and always being supportive of my posts!! it means a lot~ i love you guys so much xoxo ♡

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