hi guys! as you know i love watching tv show, so here's a tag about tv shows!!!

Favourite tv show
screencaps, stelena, and television image screencaps, spooky, and forest image
the vampire diaries
tv show you're ashmed to admit you watch

i don't have one :3

favourite male character of a tv show
chris wood, kai parker, and the vampire diaries image the society and alex fitzalan image denver and la casa de papel image skam and william image
kai parker (TVD), harry (The society), Denver (La casa de papel) and William (skam)
favourite female character of a tv show
Image removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It lucifer and ella lopez image la casa de papel, tokyo, and series image
caroline (TVD), lydia (TW), Ella (Lucifer), Tokyo (La casa de papel)
A tv show you thoughtyou wouldn't like but you ended up liking it
tvd, Nina Dobrev, and the vampire diaries image the vampire diaries, stefan salvatore, and tvd image
the vampire diaries
A tv show you wish you would live in
Image removed the society and olivia dejonge image
the society
A tv show that reminds you of your childhood
Image removed blair waldorf, blake lively, and Serena Van Der Woodsen image
gossip girl
biggest crush on a tv show
Abusive image benjamín wadsworth image
Marcus (deadly class)
a character from a show that you would like to play
camila mendes image camila mendes image
veronica lodge (Riverdale)
tv show that you have abandoned
13 reasons why, hannah baker, and katherine langford image Image removed
13 reasons why
the most underrated show
hill house, terror, and wallpaper image hill house, series, and netflix image
The haunting of hill house
the most overrated tv show
ABC, grey's anatomy, and movies and tv shows image greys anatomy image
Grey's anatomy
the show you've watched several times
american horror story, ahs, and normal image american horror story, ahs, and evan peters image
american horror story
tv show that you need to see
Beverly Hills, vintage, and 90210 image quotes, shut up, and vintage image
Beverly Hills 90210
favourite relation ship
gossipgirl image gossip girl, chuck bass, and blair waldorf image
blair and chuck (Gossip Girl)
least favourite relationship
kira, teen wolf, and tyler posey image teen wolf, scott mccall, and kira yukimura image
Scott e Kira (TW)