In honor of the end of summer, I have made a playlist of all the songs that have taken me through each day. From Kanye West to NF, each one holds a memory.

~Mr. Clean//Young Gravy

bedroom, best friends, and bff image dog, cute, and puppy image
I'm whith your mom in the kitchen, making blueberry muffins

~Chlorine//Twenty One Pilots

friends, aesthetic, and alternative image alone, always, and boyfriend image
This beat is a chemical

~I Love It//Kanye West and Lil Pump

couple, love, and kiss image beach, water, and sea image
Your boyfriend is a dork

~I Mean It//G-Eazy

aesthetic, vintage, and sky image aesthetic, fashion, and converse image
If I ever said I'm never scared...just know, I mean it

~The Search//NF

coraline, aesthetic, and grunge image anxiety, dark, and Lyrics image
If every day you wake up and take a look at your faith and say you'll never be great, you'll never be great. Not because you're not but the hate will always find a way to cut you up and murder your faith

~Dear Society//Madison Beer

aesthetic, beautiful, and sad image Temporarily removed
Diets that I shouldn't try, it feels like social suicide, and honestly it's cyanide, I'm about to die

~Exhale//Sabrina Carpenter

coffee, light, and morning image chair, hasselblad, and shirt image
I try to be an angel, but I don't think I can

~Doin Time//Lana Del Rey

Inspiring Image on We Heart It feed, smile, and fashion image
summertime, when the livin's easy

~Spar//Dreezy/Kodak Black/6LACK

happy, quotes, and life image 35mm, brick, and color image
I dug up out my old pain and put it on a t-shirt

~Cross Me//Ed Sheeran/PnB Rock/Chance the Rapper

duvar kağıdı and wall paper image nature, sun, and vintage image
_but you know I f**king love her now

~Short Kings Anthem//blackbear//tmg

sunset, car, and city image car, orange, and vintage image
I'm five foot something and I'm royalty, short king mama ay

~When I Grow Up//NF

aviation, hippie, and independent image sad, worthless, and quotes image
Huh? You feel alone? Yeah, I kind of feel alone...

~Beautiful People//Ed Sheeran/Khalid

black and white, quotes, and friends image city, bike, and oxford image
Champagne and rolled up notes, prenups and broken homes...surrounded but still alone

~Hate Me//Ellie Goulding/Juice Wrld

wallpaper, ouch, and pastel image Image removed
Lies, tell me lies, baby tell me how you hate me

~Rodeo//Lil Nas X/Cardi B

aesthetic, carnival, and fair image 90s, black and white, and carnival image
Don't leave me in the cold

~Panini//Lil Nas X

sad and alternative image quotes, aesthetic, and red image
Hey panini, don't you be a meanie, thought you wanted me to grow up, why you tryna keep me teeny

~Goodbyes//Post Malone

automne, beautiful, and building image stars, sky, and girl image
There's no way I can save you, when I need to be saved too

~Find U Again//Mark Ronson/Camila Cabello

girl, summer, and friends image glitter, palm trees, and beach image
This crush is kind of crushing me

~South Of The Border//Ed Sheeran/Camila Cabello/Cardi B

swimming, water, and good vibes image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
Jump in that water, be free, come south of the border with me

~Antisocial//Ed Sheeran/Travis Scott

wallpaper, art, and mona lisa image antisocial, flowers, and ed sheeran image
You don't know what's in my brain,,music's loud, easin the pain

~Body//Julia Michaels

Image by tenderlygirl Inspiring Image on We Heart It
You say, "Why do you talk to yourself like that?" I say, "I don't know why"

~And even tho this came out today, I can tell it'll be a big bop, I Can't Stop Me//Sabrina Carpenter/Saweetie

sabrina carpenter image gif and mulan image
Who are you to tell me what I need?

love you guys