Another challenge, I know, but I love these! I hope you're all having a good summer~

✧ Inspired by these lovely articles ✧

❃ s e a s o n ❃

autumn, fall, and leaves image autumn, pumpkin, and fall image boo, Halloween, and orange image

❃ a n i m a l ❃

animal, bear, and brown image Image by Cris Figueiredo Image by Cris Figueiredo puppies, animals, and bears image

❃ c o l o r ❃

glitter, pink, and unicorn image wallpaper, pink, and purple image aesthetic, balloons, and girls image aesthetic, alternative, and pink image

❃ c l o t h e s ❃

Image by 🐾 aesthetic, boy, and brown hair image style, fashion, and outfit image Image removed
Sweater/Pullover/Jumper (whatever you call it lol)

❃ d r i n k ❃

tea and drink image tea, thai food, and milk image brown, cafe, and coffee image boba tea, coffee, and drink image
Thai Tea, Iced Usually w/ Boba

❃ c i t y ❃

Image by mustafafadhil beautiful, cityscape, and francisco image background, california, and golden gate image Image by Sao Paolo
San Francisco

❃ v i e w ❃

Image by Lena Ďurišová adventure, nature, and travel image adventure, forest, and grunge image landscape, nature, and sunset image
Forest Outlook

❃ f l o w e r ❃

flowers and magnolia image magnolia katie g whipple image white, flower, and magnolia image nature, blossom, and flower image

❃ b r e a k f a s t ❃

Temporarily removed food, bacon, and cheese image starbucks, food, and coffee image food, breakfast, and bacon image
Breakfast Sandwich (better together)

wow this one was actually really fun, glad you made it to the end and hope you liked it

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