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How are your character's parents? Appearance and personality.

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Kailani's parents are Duke Alastair Valois and Duchess Katerina Valois. Kailani bears a striking resemblance to her father. dark brown hair, piercing blue eyes, dimples, and fair skin, Alastair Valois is definitely the one who mostly responsible for the Valois' deadly combination. He's now 44 years old and stands at 6'1" (185 cm). Her mother, Katerina, also has blue eyes, but it looks darker and deeper. She has long wavy golden hair that she usually styles in a perfect updo. She's 40 years old and stands at 5'5" (166 cm). Her birth name is Katerina Rosenkrantz. Her family is one of the Danish blue-bloods.

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The House of Valois is always known for their loyalty towards the Royal Family. Even now, Alastair Valois is one of the most trusted person to the King, both politically and personally, since they are also close friends. Alastair has shown a strong leadership as politician and a businessman. He owns a conglomerate of hotels and real estate business; combine it with the Valoises inheritance and that's basically where all the money come from. He's strong-headed, but always fair and just in every decision he makes. While Katerina's warmth and tenderness are the perfect counterbalance for his personality.

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Katerina is a fashion designer. She has her own boutique and it's quite famous since the Royal Family is one of the loyal costumers, especially the Queen who genuinely like her designs. Katerina is really kind-hearted and generous, she likes to participate in charity work. But she's stern when it comes to manner and her children's future. She's always been graceful since she was a kid because she grew up in an aristocratic family.

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