feel something - Bea Miller

aesthetic, blue, and blue and pink image pink, blue, and minimalist image
"If I am telling the truth, watching my friends break their hearts into two makes me jealous, I know that it's cruel but what can I do ?"

Désert - Maxenss

blue, girl, and aesthetic image aesthetic, art, and blue image
"Désert, désert, emporte avec toi le poids d'hier, le son de ma voix Désert, désert, tant pis si j'ai froid, même en hiver, désert, ne revient pas"

Plug In Baby - Muse

quotes, pink, and aesthetic image cartoon, bubbles, and angry image
"I've exposed your lies baby, the underneath's no big surprise Now it's time for changing and cleansing everything to forget your love"

listen before i go - Billie Eilish

art, aesthetic, and drawing image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
"These salty tears on my cheeks, that's what a year long headache does to you I'm not okay I feel so scattered"

Whole - Jacob Whitesides

Inspiring Image on We Heart It
"When we're both feeling lost and we both win I can be what you need if you need a break we can both rebound like we're on the same tape"

Señorita - Shawn Mendes ft. Camila Cabello

green, nature, and aesthetic image aesthetic and green image
"Sapphire moonlight, we danced for hours in the sand Tequila sunrise, her body fit right in my hands"

La lune à 3h du mat - Maxenss

moon, beach, and aesthetic image 90s, aesthetic, and aesthetics image
"L'amour c'est tout con, ça dure quatre saisons Quand j'ai chaud tu as froid, à tous les choix j'ai faux"

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