my summer playlist for 2019 ;

flowers, yellow, and aesthetic image girl, vintage, and aesthetic image

tongue tied - group love

pictures of girls - wallows

1980s horror film - wallows

scrawny - wallows

vanessa - del water gap

aesthetic, aesthetics, and golden image day, selca, and girl's image

ottolenghi - loyle carner, jordan rakei

under the bridge - red hot chilli peppers

where this flower blooms - tyler the creator, frank ocean

sometimes... - tyler the creator

the less i know the better - tame impala

girls and aesthetic image beautiful, girl, and model image

cigarette daydreams - cage the elephant

cranes in the sky - solange

drew barrymore - SZA

don't delete the kisses - wolf alice

lost - frank ocean

girl, aesthetic, and summer image Temporarily removed

here comes the sun - the beatles

angel - loyle carner

ivy - frank ocean


best part - h.e.r, daniel caeser

lemon, fruit, and yellow image girl, strawberry, and summer image

there's so many more songs on the playlist but I can't write them all, check out the link to my playlist at the top :)