Hey guys! I’m sorry it’s been a while without an article from me, but I’ve had exams, which meant that most of my time was spent revising. But, now exams are over, you can expect a lot more articles from me!

Today, I’ll be talking about some of the trends that we’ll be seeing around this summer. These trends are all very wearable, which is something I absolutely love!

Anyway, let’s get started into the actual trends

1. Scrunchies

scrunchies image

I’m sure that a lot of you have seen this trend around, as it’s just so easy to wear! I love this trend and can’t wait to see it around more, this summer.

2. Smocked crop tops

aesthetic, beauty, and blue image fashion, style, and outfit image

Again, I absolutely love this trend! These tops have a really cute ‘scrunched up’ look amazing!

3. Wide brim hats

summer, beach, and bikini image

These hats can make an outfit so chic and stunning (or an Instagram photo!) They give out such summer vibes and always remind me of the beach!

4. Puff shoulders

fashion, outfit, and red image fashion, style, and outfit image

This trend has a girly and elegant look, which I’m all for. They elevate an outfit so effortlessly, and can make something look so much more classy! It’s really up to you how puffy you want to go- personally, I don’t like them to large, but it’s your choice completely!

5. Shell/pearl jewellery

necklace image fashion, watch, and bracelet image

Shell jewellery always reminds me of jewellery sellers on the beach, when I’m on holiday. I think they look really unique and add a slightly bohemian look to outfits! Pearly necklaces also look stunning, and make outfits look very chic and polished.

6. Wallpaper/ toile print

aesthetic, bags, and beauty image

This print really is best described as a wallpaper pattern. It’s basically that beautiful, willowy blue and white print, often seen on teacups and things like that. It’s such a lovely way to add something to your outfit, because of the vintage feels it gives! The official name for it is ‘toile’ print.

7. Cat eye sunglasses

friendship, style, and friends image coffee, drink, and sunglasses image

These sunglasses have such a retro feel, and are such a classic piece. Items such as these are great to invest in, because they never seem to go out of style.

8. The colour yellow

dress, yellow, and fashion image summer, beach, and girl image

Yellow is a huge trend right now! Yellow dresses, tops, jeans, shoes...you name it, it’s trending. Yellow is one of my favourite colours, although I’m not quite sure how I feel about it in clothing. I like to incorporate this trend with accessories or small details, but you can be as bold as you like!

9. Straw/Wicka

fashion image

This trend has been floating around for a while now, and I think it’s really nice, and helps make an outfit stand out. I’ve seen beautiful bags like this in shops like Topshop or New Look, so if you like them I’d recommend going there.

10. Personalised phone cases

aesthetic, phone, and vsco image

These phone cases are just so cute! I definitely want to buy a clear phone case this summer and decorate it with stickers. They look adorable and are so aesthetically pleasing! I know these aren’t necessarily fashion pieces, but I thought I’d include them as they’re kind of accessories.

So, there you are; 10 trends for this summer! I hope you guys have fun trying out this trends and I hope you enjoyed this article! Thank you so much for stopping by!

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