On July 18, 2019, I came home from a very stressful day that was exposed too be my day off, thinking that there was no way possible that it could get worse. Boy was I wrong. I had just enough time to use the bathroom and start changing clothes when my mom appeared in the door way and told me that you was gone. I didn't believe her at first. I always thought that some way or somehow I wouldn't have to let you go. We beat all of the odds before. Pain, illness, depression, distance.. and it was time and heat that got us. You was my best friend and brother for 13 years. But time got us Bubs. I am so sorry I was not there, I didn't get the news until hours later but I hope you know you was not alone. I hope you know that I love you and I have loved you since the day I say your small white fluff ball self setting on my porch. We have made so many memories together; sneaking out at night, going swimming, the cuddles and looking at the starts, and the hours we spent play fighting and howling. Nothing in the entire world can replace that.
The pain in my heart makes it almost unbearable to breath. Sleep has been hard. Jarod fell in love with you too. We have been looking at getting a house with a big back yard and trees for you too have and run in. He said we was not going anywhere unless you got to come too. Now going just seems painful... My dad buried you by the river... I was not there but I hope that you like it. I can only imagine what you are up too. I bet you are running and playing with your brother and sister. Exploring fields and forest alike. Probably leading your own pack. And of course, making friends where ever you go. Despite how you looked to everyone, you was the most loving thing this world has ever experienced. I can just see your gorgeous white body and brown amber eyes moving, happy, and wandering.
No amount of time would have been enough but I am so thankful you came into my life. The lessons you have taught me has changed me forever. The protection you have gave me helped get me this far. And the unconditional love that you showed me has made me such a better person. I will always find home in the howls that echo, in the rain that falls, in the smell and feel of the soil that holds you in a hug as tight as the ones I used to be able to give you. I will always, Always look at the moon and think of you my dear beloved best friend, my dear beloved Chase.
I miss you so much and it has been less than 24 hours.
I hope you howl for me over there bubba,
-The girl lucky enough to be your best friend for 13 years.