Hello my children!
(Idk why I just said that, excuse my weirdness)

If you are new here, you probably shouldn’t follow me to be honest

👏B E C A U S E 👏 M Y 👏 A R T I C L E S 👏 A R E 👏 S H * T 👏 A N D 👏 A R E 👏 U S U A L L Y 👏 N O T 👏 W O R T H👏 R E A D I N G👏

So here’s the basics of what I’ve been going through since I made this account;

I’ve never really had anything exciting to say but blogs have always piqued my interest and so I wanted to start one. Up until, well, today, I’ve pretty much only posted poems. Not very good ones either, if I might add. But throughout posting my very heartfelt sh*tty a** poems I have had the urge to start my very own blog. Like the beautiful and creative ones I have read through my years. I never really knew where to start so.. I never started.

Things inspire me pretty pretty easily but when I get an idea, I remember that I can’t insert photos into my articles. Why, you ask? Because I don’t have the app for WHI and just access it from google off of my iPad. I am a big fan of expressing myself through photos. WHI is too and it really discourages me from writing articles when I can’t add photos.

I am only sixteen (just barely, my birthday was a few days ago) and I have been looking into getting a MacBook from Walmart. I do get allowance, five dollars a week, and I somehow always find little jobs from my family to earn more money. Like washing the car, etc. PLUS I just got sixty damn dollars for my birthday lol. I plan to save up for a MacBook so I can import more photos from my camera and do a lot of stuff more easily.

I know this was a long rant but if you’re still reading, I have one more thing I need to announce.

I want to start over with a new acc and actually get serious about blogging. This is IF I save enough to get a MacBook. I’d ask your guys’ opinion on what I should name it (the acc not the MacBook lol) but for some reason I haven’t been getting messages through WHI. I can’t send them either.

Anyways thanks for reading! Maybe the next time I see you, it’ll be on a different acc! XOXO ~Hope