"One taught me love
One taught me patience
And one taught me pain
Now, I'm so amazing
I've loved and I've lost
But that's not what I see
So, look what I got
Look what you taught me
And for that, I say

Thank you, next
I'm so fuckin' grateful for my ex" (Ariana Grande)

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Every time I think about you, all that comes to mind it’s that you’re the worst kind of guy I could’ve met.

Okay. I’ll admit. When I needed you, you were there, like a friend. Maybe in the beginning it was true, you just wanted to help and nothing else. Maybe it was how close we’ve become, after long talks and me going to your house every now and then. We used watch movies and laugh and you made me feel better even with all the problems I was having.

I really thought we were just friends.

Being completely honest, a part of me really wished that you haven’t kissed me that day, because even though it was something nice, the way it ended was something I would’ve never imagined.

You started with pep talks, talking about my romantic self and blah blah blah; helped me decide if I moved or not, the first few months you used to calm me down and say that all was gonna be okay. And you were right. Everything was okay – everything but us.

Distance – I thought at first.

I was the problem, I thought afterwards. I always thought that I was lacking on something and that was why you didn’t want me.

Truth was: I was your plan b. While you didn’t go back together with your ex, it was nice to have me to entertain yourself. You never even gave me a little tip of what was really going on, you knew all along how things were going to end.

Deep down, I’m thankful that you were a jerk with me – made my life easier, in a certain way.

I became more reserved afterwards and it helped me create a barrier against guys like that, the ones that don’t care about how many lies they have to tell to get you to go to bed with them. They pretend to be nice, to care but they don’t.
You were the first and only jerk that had me and I’m thankful because it could’ve been worse.

All I want to say is thank you.

You taught me not to trust everyone, even if you them and are close to you.

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Just thinking about you makes me smile.

I was evolving as a person when we’ve met. I was a little (or very) rude and sarcastic – but you always laugh when I said things without thinking. You didn’t seem to mind it and I think that if it did, it was never enough to drive you away from me.

You must be the most handsome guy that ever talked to me. And I loved the attention. I was way younger than you, so you could have played me around (and I wouldn’t mind) but you never did – I guess you’re just a nice guy.

We hang out a couple of times – nothing much happened in the beginning but you never lost the interest in me. We talked almost every day, you made fun of how much attention I wanted, but gave it to me anyways. You taught me some stuff about men, used to be mad when I did something stupid or didn’t answer your calls.

After a while we were like friends with benefits – something between that, if it’s possible. Not that much of friends and not so many benefits. It was enough for both of us; it was great and absolutely everything I needed then.

You taught me how to be more patients with everything. You also taught me that to care for someone you don’t have to be in a relationship with them.

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You were a dream come true.

Even now and then I get extremely upset that it didn’t last.

Funny, gentle and always made me feel special. The way you used to look at me was something magical. It was a fairy tale – you and I.

We were so alike that scares me. We liked the same things, used to laugh at the same things. Selfish – we were so selfish. I wanted you all to myself and you felt the same. It was a little game, in the beginning – we both knew the other were interest and didn’t make easier for each other. Blew up the first date. The second was worth it. You made a little drama, made fun of my ascent and when I was starting to get annoyed with you… I gasped for air with that mind blowing kiss.

It was adrenaline. A roller-coaster. I really thought we were made for each other.

And then we started to see the bad things about us – as individuals and as a couple. It didn’t take long for you to look at me and say that we were better apart. That it was fun and lovely but never lasting – that we would never make each other really happy.

I was happy.

You were so mature. I had never seen that side of you – saying that I need someone better that could complete in ways you never could. We used to drag our personal problems into our relationship and that wasn’t good. You were so jealous… it wasn’t the nice kind of jealousy.

It was a toxic relationship.

I can see that now. I liked you too much, it made me blind.

You taught me to take care of myself and that what good for the other it’s not always best for me.

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I don’t have much to say about you. It was so fast and meaningless. I can barely remember if we ever had a meaningful conversation – I think not.

The only reason you’re here it’s because you taught me to keep my head chin up even when everything’s falling apart. You taught me that some things aren’t meant to last and that’s okay.

Well... hope you liked it!
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