it has been a while... But now I came back with five different breakfast ideas that if you're trying to lose weight, this will help you! Maybe it will work for you, maybe not, just listen to your body, but these breakfast ideas are the best for me and for my body. i hope it'll help you and if not, at least i hope you like it.

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1. Delicious oatmeal

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oatmeal is really yummy. just put some oats, linseed with milk or water, a little bit of natural yogurt, honey, peanut butter (organic, I have one that just has peanut) and banana or an orange.

2. Bread with fruits

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integral bread with peanut butter over it and some banana and fruit over the peanut butter is the yummiest thing ever and is very healthy and energetic as well.

3. Banana and honey

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sometimes i wake up in the morning without hanger so this breakfast is perfect for it! just cut a banana into pieces and put honey on it and some seeds if you want to.

4. Smoothie

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smoothie is perfect for the summer and very healthie. you can find some recipes on the internet and are really easy to make it and healthy.

5. Avocado toast!

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really yummy, nutritive and healthy. just ad avocado and an egg.
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