it was so fun to do this ! there are not all my friends, only the closest :))

inspired by :


cup, quotes, and white image book, song, and love image Avengers, iron man, and Marvel image blondie, concert, and fashion image
aries // honest, optimist most of the times, clumsy, in love with iron man aka tony stark and billie eilish


diving, sea, and couple image quotes, pink, and empowerment image Image removed fashion image
capricorn // really doesn't care what others think of her, scubadiving, smart, funny, curly hair, vintage style


study image Image by || GHADIR || couple, Relationship, and aesthetic image fashion, outfit, and aesthetic image
libra // very smart, travel, in love with her bf, classic & elegant style, short blond hair, funny, kind, my netflix soulmate


alternative, indie, and fashion inspo image fuck, haha, and this image aesthetic, alternative, and city image food, breakfast, and drink image
sagitarius // blond, confort clothes, goal guard, doesn't really like school, eat a lot, smart, funny, always there for her friends

thank u so much for reading up to here ! i'm so grateful that i have them in my life ;)
(if u want to talk about anything, i'm here)

love u xoxo