Before I get into the whole article I just want to give a bit of background as to who I am and why I have decided to go on a health and fitness journey. So, my name is Aimee and I am 21 years old living in the UK. I am currently heading into my final year of University where I study Nutrition but as well as that I have a part time job. My interest in health, fitness and nutrition started for me at quite a young age, I had been quite active from a young age and going into my teen years I become more conscious of my diet and what I was eating etc. There were times when I went overboard with my diet and restricting calories but I have learnt since then that I was young and still developing into the body I have now. It is not healthy to start restricting calories and food intake at that young age because your body needs that energy to develop into your 'adult body'. Restricting calories should not be done full stop unless there is some medical or professional supervision.

I was on the larger side in my early teens and as I grew up I began to lose weight, when I was 18-19 years old I was the smallest I had ever been but this was natural for me, I wasn't restricting my diet or calorie intake my body just grew into itself and as I grew older I just naturally became slimmer. However, when I began University and my job around that time I gradually began to put weight on and this is purely due to my time management was a lot different with balancing university and my job so quick meals and take-aways were my go to. As well as in work I tended to eat cakes and chocolate on my break and I began to drink fizzy drinks which I NEVER drunk previously, however, at my work place they were free and convenient. I can admit I began to let myself go at this time I just began to eat the most convenient thing and that happened to be unhealthy creating my unhealthy dietary habits. Now, I am not overweight by any means but I am around 2 stone heavier than I was at 18. I am classed as healthy weight, however, I am definitely more conscious of all the lumps and bumps I have now gained and that does make me slightly uncomfortable when wearing the clothes that I can no longer fit into properly. Now, I have no problem with people eating to their hearts desires and just enjoying food, it's what I have done for the past year or two now and it's easier that way, however, it doesn't make me feel happy in myself but if that makes you happy then good! It's important to do what makes you happy in this instance instead of trying to go with an 'easy option' or what you feel pressured to do.

I WANT to eat healthier and I want to become more active like I used to be, this is when I am at my happiest and although I do struggle to get that motivation to get up and moving once I do it, I am in my element. These past couple of months I have really began to grow into myself and started to realise who I am as a person, where my priorities lie and what I am comfortable with. It's taking awhile to adapt to these new thoughts and habits that I will need to create, however, I believe it is going to be entirely worth it. So, this is my plan!

1) Gradually change my diet habits stop snacking on unhealthy foods such as cakes and chocolate and instead replace it with fruit.
2) Gradually begin to go back to the gym. Not necessarily sticking to a time schedule at the beginning but just going now and again when I have the spare time starting off around once or twice a week and hopefully gradually increase.
3) Cut out quick meals! They're typically full of wasted calories, fats and sugars which I just don't need! They're convenient but they aren't healthy or nutritious.
4) SAVE MONEY! (This has probably confused you) however, it is very important and it does relate to health and fitness. I have never been good with me I tend to impulsively spend on clothes, make-up, fast food etc. However, I need to start cutting down on buying those sorts of things and save money so that I can buy lots of my healthy foods and experiment with cooking dishes that I haven't previously tried and even just little things that make me feel good like just buying bubble bath and bath bombs so I can have some relaxing time to myself now and again instead of having a rushed shower that I can't enjoy! There are more productive and postitive ways that I could be spending my money on or even just saving for the future (I'm an adult now, I need to begin thinking of these things, I don't think I can buy a house for a few hundred pounds?)
5) FOCUS ON MENTAL HEALTH. SOOOOO IMPORTANT! As some of you many know from previous articles I struggle with depression and anxiety and it is easier to let these conditions get the better of you. However, I need to get the better of them and changing my diet and begining to get active again are both ways that can positively impact my mental health. I am already on medication but I can't expect it to do all the job, I need to look after myself too!
6) Start Yoga?? Now, this might not be something I'll stick to and may not be even something I like because I have never tried yoga before (apart from on my Wii Fit), however, I believe it is something I will enjoy and that will benefit me but I'll keep you up to date on that.

And that's it! For now anyway. I don't want to plan too much and get confused and stressed so I will be gradually introducing these things into my daily routine and hopefully I will just improve day by day to become a healthier and happier me. That's my ultimate goal and it should be yours too! Maybe have a think about how YOU can be happier and healthier or think about little things that you wish you could change. It's important to get your head around things before going in full force because you're less likely to stick to something that you haven't full decided if you want to be doing. It's your life make you want of it!

Lots of love!