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1. burgers or hot dogs?

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burgers. i don't eat a lot of hot dogs or sausages in general.

2. tea or coffee?

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i don't drink either much. however, i prefer coffee.

3. french fries or onion rings?

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french fries.

4. crepes or waffles?

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5. coca cola or pepsi?

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definitely coca cola. i will drink pepsi, i just think coca cola tastes nicer.

6. smoothies or juice?

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🥂 no. 1 creds to @marialuppova 🥂
juice. i like smoothies, i just can't drink them often.

7. vanilla or chocolate ice cream?

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vanilla. i find chocolate ice cream too sweet and sickly.

8. cakes or donuts?

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🥂 no. 4 creds to ma.riiiii_____co on ig 🥂
donuts. again i find cakes too sickly.

9. strawberries or blueberries?

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strawberries. i like how you can eat them alone, with sugar, with cream or you can put them in drinks :)

10. oreos or chips ahoy?

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🥂 no. 3 creds to creamistry on ig 🥂
oreos. i've never tried chips ahoy oof.

11. asian or mexican food?

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🥂 no. 2 creds to losangeles_eats on ig 🥂
asian food is amazing (ノ≧∀≦)ノ

12. italian or french food?

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italian. who doesn't love pizza and pasta!!

13. candy or popcorn?

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14. ketchup or mustard?

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ketchup. i hate mustard 😂

15. sweet or savoury food?

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🥂 no. 1 creds to timscapes on pinterest and no. 2 creds to mariakragmann on ig 🥂
savoury. i'm not overly keen on sweet food :(
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