Hello Hearters!
I know, this is my second article in a day and I've never been this active but hey! It's a good thing right? And I love writing articles so here we are!

Inspiration from:

-even tho it's not the only one I've read.


rings, grunge, and pale image beautiful, fashion week, and fashionable image Image by venus girls, cute, and hair image fashion, aesthetic, and alternative image creepers, outfit, and puma image
kinda grunge or vscoy, it depends. oversized sweaters and shirts, mom jeans, scrunchies and denim skirts. rings, bracelets and jewellery too.

A color

blue and aesthetic image ariel, disney, and cosplay image stars, blue, and aesthetic image aesthetic, blue, and quotes image blue, aesthetic, and water image girl, aesthetic, and alternative image
every shade of blue

An animal

cat, black, and animal image cat, animal, and cute image
cats! i love them and they own my heart


Image by kiki_2177 Image by Lena Ďurišová
you could've said by my username uh?
Image by tumblr🌴 food, ice cream, and chocolate image
ice cream. and here in italy it's the best, so...
summer, watermelon, and fruit image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
watermelon. it's always been my favourite fruit.


book image Image removed astrology, astronomy, and galaxy image
astrology, reading, writing, swimming, animals and photography.


quote, vegan, and vegetarian image vegan image Image by tumblr🌴 flowers, girl, and aesthetic image
ecologic, vegetarian (vegan wannabe)


ex, funny, and humour image slytherin, green, and venom image bisexual, lgbt, and bisexuality image ?, follow, and like image

Dreams and goals

quotes, love, and him image moon, pumpkin, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed poem, quotes, and saying image
love myself, learn about wicca, become an astrologist and falling in love


book, harry potter, and autumn image books, edit, and series image percy jackson and heroes of olympus image book, book lovers, and books image
harry potter, every rick riordan's book, the maze runner


Clueless, quotes, and movie image stand by me, river phoenix, and corey feldman image Image removed disney, ariel, and princess image
clueless, stand by me, alice in wonderland (the tim burton version) and the little mermaid

Tv shows

actor, gif, and vikings image octavia, octavia blake, and gif image Inspiring Image on We Heart It keith, lance, and Voltron image
vikings, the 100, game of thrones and voltron


alternative, Lyrics, and music image broken hearts, music, and singer image crybaby, melanie martinez, and quote image bitch, Lyrics, and music image
billie eilish, melanie martinez and ghostemane


What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger.
apocalypse, clarke griffin, and bellamy blake image the 100 and wallpaper image quotes, red, and yellow image quotes image


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