There's a lot of teenagers who suffer from some type of anxiety. Some suffer more, some suffer less. I am one of them. My anxiety isn't so bad as it was before. How I learned to manage it? I just changed myself a bit. Some of my habits. I've done a lot of researches related to it, I've read a lot of the books. It wasn't short journey, but I did it. And I am proud of it. I will share my tips with you. But it won't be the same with you maybe. Just remember, give yourself a time.

So, I suffered from depression as well and as a "survivor" of those two illness I have one mission. I want to help people who suffer from it as well, who are close to me and whom I love. I know how much it sucks. Maybe not in a way like you suffer, but I know approximately. I am not psychologyst, but I know that I can give you some small steps and that they may help you at least a bit. You see, even with small movements you're coming closer and closer to your goals, right? Important is that you keep moving from one place to another, from one stage to another, one level to another. Did you ever give up from some level in your favourite game just because it was heavy? No. Same is with life. So, give yourself a time, be patient with yourself.

First of all, probably you've heard for a advice to breathe deeply. Now start doing it. Do it more than 5 times. Now do three more times. You feel lightheaded and sick right? Here's what I do instead of it. I just breathe normaly, but I concentrate on my breath. How my chests are raising up and down, I feel it flow through me. I feel how the colder air is coming in through the nose and warm air out through the nose. Try it by yourself now. Cool right? Do you realise that you didn't even think of anything while you were concentrating on your breath? You got control over your thoughts and over your body. Congratulations. Now, remember this tip next time, maybe it will help you.

Secondly, change the music you are listening to. Few days ago I was reading some fact that your heart is beating in the same beat as your music does. Same is with your emotions. If you are listening to sad songs all the time, your emotions will be like that. Now, I like to listen to emo songs, metal and rock songs a lot, and I've been listening to sad one for ages, until I realised that it's not bringing me anywhere. I realised that it's bringing me more down, and I was right. Honestly, the best tip is listen to songs which have motivational messages, which will help you express your angriness out, which will give you a feeling that your're still alive and that you're a big fighter because you really are. Ask yourself how many people gave up, ended their life, but you still have a chance. You're still great fighter, and soon you'll become survivor. If you want my playlist just send me a message and I will send you link of my youtube playlist. Listen to the sad songs only when you need to cry and take out sad feelings.

Thirdly, remember that you are amazing person and that you are never alone. I know it seems like you are but just ask yourself how many people stayed with you through all those years? Are they your friends? Is it your family? Don't be scared to talk to them about feelings you have. Everyone have bad days, and everyone needs to talk to someone. If you don't have somebody and if you want to talk to someone, I know you don't know me, but leave a message. I will read it and send you a replay for sure. I will try to give you some advise as well. Besides, if you feel lonely, you don't need to talk about problems. Talk about memories, talk about good time, talk about past. Talk about something else, about anything what falls on your mind. Ask stupid questions if needed.

And lastly, challenge yourself. Listen to motivational speeches, write down your goals and stick them for the wall so you can see them every morning when you wake up. Write motivational quotes you like and stick them near to it as well. And remember. You are amazing, you matter, you are survivor, you are a fighter. Nobody can take that from you. That's you. Stay strong <3