For a while now, I took a stepback from writing and sametime from a very active life on social media. I stopped writing, posting and sometimes, even socializing with my friends (one of them even told me "What's wrong with you? You were posting daily and now?"). It was not just only one reason, there were more: finals, stress, lack of time and energy etc. One good thing that came with this? Well, I kinda had the opportunity to observe and understand better what kind of people do I have as friends (and I am gonna write a full article about this topic), made me understand better what do I want, what I work for, what kind of people do I want in my life, what kind of person do I wanna be.

As I said before there is MORE LIFE after a stepback! Even if this stepback is premeditated or not, when you'll pass it over, you might come to the conclusion that it was beneficial, that now you see things different, maybe even clearly.

A stepback is not a bad thing. It is a thing, we all should try sometimes in order to make better decisions, to recharge. After a stepback, there are two big rational moves (yep, I am talking about rational decisions). First, you continue with what you were doing because it has more pros than cons. It is good for you, even if it is harder than you want. You know you can handle it and you are up to it. Or second, it's not for you, you don't like it, it is not worthy of you time and energy and you simply give up.

Procrastination is not an answer. I mean, there are many other things to do, more productive things so why not enjoy this chance?

Take your stepback! Take your time to take another look, to have another perspective on things! Take a minute to see what are you working for, fighting for, see if it is worthy. Take a breathe and observe how many people do you truly have around you, and how many of them are there just in case.. they need something.

Open your eyes and take a look outside the box. Get out of that comfy, cozy box. I did and I don't regret it. Do you have the courage?

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