I'm so happy you clicked on this article, cause I think this message is an important one and I really wish you guys the very best!! And one of the best things that one can experience is definitely the joy and relief you feel once you start loving and accepting who you are. So this article is basically me telling you that you got this and I believe in you! Cause I used to be at a very sad place with myself and now I'm not anymore 💃🏻 So I hope you guys get something good out of this article! I love you 😈

To the article....

"Just love yourself!"

Yeah, that's what we hear all the time. But it isn't that easy to just start loving yourself. I know this for a fact. I used to be so freaking self conscience and I had no confidence at all. I didn't know who I was at all and with everything from my outfits to important decisions about my future I would do what everyone else was doing. I would never just listen to me. What makes me happy? What do I need for myself? and what makes me the most confident?

I wasn't myself at all. Just a robot following all the others. Thinking "if they're all doing this, then it's what I should do too."
I forced myself to start at a school where I felt like the biggest outsider and it felt wrong before I even started there. My mental health got so bad that I ended up with a terrible depression and didn't want to live anymore. Because my whole life I'd been doing things because of other people and others opinions. I never chose me and I never cared to get to know myself (!?!?). I kept searching and searching for a soulmate or a friend to make me happy and complete me. When I just had to look inside of myself and I would find everything I was searching for.

After 3 weeks in bed with my worst depression yet I finally got better and got out of bed. I dropped out of school, which was the biggest relief, because deep down I always knew it wasn't right for me.

Now I wear what makes me feel comfortable and what makes me feel my best. And most importantly I now only do what I love, which for me is to be creative. I don't feel the need to go to a certain school or have a certain education because of society and what everyone else at my age and in my circles are doing. I FINALLY fucking do what I want to do! 🤩🤪

I started finally listening to myself and that inner guidance we've all, thankfully, been given. When something feels right I go for it and when something feels sketchy or not like me I simply don't. When something, on the other hand, feels a little scary I force myself to go for it anyway, cause now I know myself enough to know that often times the things that makes me scared, but never uncomfortable in a scary way, makes me grow as a person!
I needed to go through that depression and I probably will go through more. Cause God (or whatever or whoever you believe in) sees us and knows us better than we know ourselves. He knows when we need growth and when we need to get stronger for the future and the things to come and get stronger for our own good! We need to trust ourselves and trust that everything that happens.. happens for a reason. And that everything.. will turn out just fine and the way it's supposed to!

We're a LOT stronger than we think we are and God, the universe, or whoever/whatever you believe in got our back! We'll fall many times, but we'll get up again! The journey to accepting ourselves and loving ourselves is so important and maybe even the meaning of life? 🤔

I love you guys so much and I hope this article helped at least one of you. The journey to self love is a tough one (!!) but I believe we all can make it if we're patient and want the best for ourselves 💜
Feel free to message me anytime if you have any questions or just want to chat! I want us to feel like best friends & I want you guys to know that you can always turn to me. I'm here for you! I feel like I've really been growing, especially from the age of 15 to now (18) and I want to help where I can!
Again.. I hope you guys enjoyed this article! I'll see you soon 😆😚

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