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Currently 'Euphoria' is becoming a highly recommended craze and is capturing many hearts. Here is my personal view of the show so far.

I started watching 'Euphoria' for the fact that I had seen an interview about Jacob Elordi's character Nate and the way Elordi had been describing him and his storyline really intrigued me. (But we will get back to Nate later on.)

What I realised at first was that on the surface that each character was portrayed in a very cliche way, they were all predictable but as the episodes went on I learnt that wasn't the case.

Starting with Rue, she is a drug addict who has just come out of rehab as a result of a drug overdose and who in simpler terms just has no drive to stop using drugs.

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Asides from the fact that she is played by the beautiful Zendaya what I have enjoyed most about Rue's development in the past four episodes is that she portrays perfectly how easier someone can become collateral damage to themselves and others once their addiction has fully taken over. Rue is very raw and realistic + she is someone who as a viewer you want the best outcome for.

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Now back to Nate. Sweet, crazy Nate. I won't say too much about Nate's character as I think his episode explains him and his dynamic best (and most likely episode 4 as well). I personally think he is one of the characters who deep deep down has a heart where he just wants to love and protect the ones he cares about the most, however that trait is heavily shadowed by his egotistical/asshole attitude.

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I hope in due time that he becomes more of a character that is easily loveable and not just the type of asshole he is being portrayed as currently. With that being said, I would love to see his dynamic with Jules being further developed into something more than what it is right now as I think their relationship has so much potential and could be a story that you can easily fall in love with.

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Jules is probably one of my favourite characters and she is just so sweet. Her character is a transgender girl who is just trying to find her place. What I love most about how Jules has been portrayed in Euphoria is that not until a few episodes in a recognition of her transition is introduced, unlike with other shows where the identity of a transgender character is repeatedly introduced and we are constantly reminded of the fact.

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I am a person who has watched enough shows and movies now, to realise which specific characters have a connection that could easily become a fan favourite if the show's creators decided to pursue the romantic dynamite with two characters. Personally, I see that with both Jules and Nate. I say this because there in my eyes has already been some form of foreshadowing of comments that could easily hint at more of relationship than they already. Plus I really like their dynamic and would love to see a more romantic connection in coming episodes/season 2.

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Overall my current status and feelings towards Euphoria are quite positive. To me I see it as a show that pushes the boundaries of comfortability especially in current shows and movies.

Of course there is material in the show that does shock and stun you but the reality is that those materials are seen and used in our daily life so why can't they be shown on our screens?

Euphoria won't be for everyone and that is completely fine but the only piece of advice I give out is to watch episode one and then decide whether it is for you or not.