Summer is filled with amazing adventures and crazy experiences! But it's also extremely common to have some lazy days between your travels, and that often leads to overeating. I have come up with a short list of things you should try in order to stop eating too much on a lazy day at home! :)


  • Stop eating in front of the TV/phone

I know you think: ''But how am I supposed to eat without catching up with my favorite series?''. Honestly, you can watch it when you've finished eating, it's not going anywhere. I know the struggle and I myself often do this mistake and tend to eat more than my stomach needs.

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  • Drink water

When we feel bored, we have the tendency to believe we're hungry and we head for the fridge! Fortunately for us, a great remedy is to stop for a second and question whether you're actually hungry. If you're not sure, drink water - chances you're likely dehydrated.

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  • Swap junk food with fruits and healthier options
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  • Figure out the cause of overeating

You might not be aware but if you're under a lot of stress, you tend to eat more, which only can lead to feeling bloated or sick. Write down the reasons that cause you to stress and try to see if there's a way you can cut it out.

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  • Keep yourself busy even if you're staying home

Plan some activities, be it a dresser-organizing hour or a painting session, keep yourself busy until it's snack/eating time!

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  • Sweat it out

Another alternative would be to trick your mind into exercising first and getting a snack or something sweet as a reward. Of course, you may or may not do this after you've finished working out since the endorphins your body released might make you feel more confident and will prevent you from eating for a while. Try it out!

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  • Get lost in a book

It's true! Books really do help, especially if it's a good-written one! Instead of eating something, make yourself a coffee and sip it slowly while you read! Thank me later!

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Last, but not least, I am going to mention the Instagram account that inspired me to write this article for all of your:

Thank you so much for reading, everyone! I hope you have a gorgeous day!


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