hey girlies today I am gonna show you my
glow up routine I use when I have party.

day one
on day one I start by picking out my outfit
and start looking for what I can do for my hair
and make up. I do this so I can work towards a
goal and the glow up has a purpose. once this
Is decided I’m a bit of a knob when it come to
styling my hair so I have to make sure I can
manage it so I have a few test runs through
to make sure i’m good to go.

day two
on day two i tend to have a bit of a hair day
where I spend it washing and taking care if
my hair. now I have bleached blond hair so
this is the time I would purple shampoo and
conditioner my hair. After I do this I put in a
blond hair treatment which gives me a plati-
num blond look rather then a brassy look.
Once my hair is done I usually pluck my bro-
ws or if I have the money ill get them done

day three
On day three is the day i normally apply a
tan I would recommend leaving self tanner
on for at least 6 hours to properly develop
on your skin. A self tanner I would recommend
to you all is the Bondi sands self tanner it is
on the $$$ side but it really is a nice tanner.

day four
day four is when I would recommend washing
of your tan and get a good nights rest so you
are looking your best.

day five
Is party day so put all your inspo to the test
and have the best time.

eek this article will probably flop but oh well hope
you enjoyed.

I think I spelt check but I will double check everything later babes xo